SexyChris Dumps Angel In A Song (Updated)

Well, for the 17th time, it appears the cross Atlantic love affair between California’s Cougar and Barrow in Furness’ sexy psychopath has met it’s final end!

Pissed at the lack of funds since Leah paid his Internet Bill, Chris did what so many talented people have done in the past, and expressed his feeling in a song.


Give it a couple of days, and when the While bank is empty, it will be back to ‘this one is for AngelStormee, i love you Angel’…..

* Updated 21 Sept 2015:

Well it didn’t take long for him to be begging her again did it 😉

Chris wants more money1

As seen here:

Chris wants more money

I’m sorry, but anyone who gives him money still deserves all they get. So in Chris’ world, he gets his money, blows about £150 in a fruit machine, then we all have to part with our money, so he can live on takeaways?

I hate seeing Chris like this, because he used to be such a nice, friendly guy. Now he’s just trash.

**Updated No 2:

Well it looks like Angel came through for him again.

Chris skint but buys booze

Chris skint but buys booze1

That’s not all of it. He bought a load of DVD’s, a case of Guinness, a case of John Smiths, a case of Strongbow, 5-6 bottles of Savannah Cider, 4 bottles of Desperados, oh, and a case of San Miguel 🙂

The funniest bit was, when Ruby asked him where he got the money from, as he was begging for cash 2 hours earlier, his reply was;

“Kitty sent me £15 to my Paypal this morning”

I’d love him to take me shopping if you can buy all that for £15 lol.

And, just in case you’re thinking ‘who’s Kitty, i’ve not seen her’ then don’t worry, nobody else has either !

It’s obviously a new ‘code’ name for Leah 🙂





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4 Thoughts to “SexyChris Dumps Angel In A Song (Updated)”

  1. BarrowBoor

    “I just want to say, Angel Stormee, I’m very very sorry”


  2. Brokenmech

    He’s already begging people on facebook for cash since he blew about £150 on slot machines…. and some sad deluded fool paid for a pizza for him last night as well… “nayingnaynying back together nayiungnaying never ever” i bet angel felt relieved …

  3. Fly Swatter

    Did’nt Angel dump chris again ? so why would she want to get back with him.
    She needs her head testing if she does.
    He will no doubt when cash flow is zero say sorry i never meant it…. please Angel i said sorry what else do you want me to do beg.

  4. Well it looks like the cash machine is open again 🙂

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