SexyChris: The Male Escort

I shit you not, it appears that Chris has found a new ‘income’ if you like. I wasn’t recording his cast when he said it, but was watching and believe me, he 100% said that he had been in a Nightclub until 5am, and was feeling rough.

When questioned about how he could afford that, he claimed that he was with a Gay friend, Michael, and he paid for the night, all Chris had to do was suck him off!

Watch on full screen and read the chat, you’ll soon pick up the jist of it.






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8 Thoughts to “SexyChris: The Male Escort”

  1. Lostmyname

    at 2:12 Mr. Housefly has spoken!

  2. Anon89

    Not a surprise this spacker mong is sucking off blokes for a few drinks, but still a new low.

  3. symon

    word is some one at the pub/club filmed it! A all new low has been hit. The footage is grainey see if you can make out chriss Is it genuine

    1. symon

      its> <

    2. symon

      its> <

  4. lol, i saw that posted in his cast before. He’s never going to live this down is he. It’s not that he gave somebody a blowjob, it’s the fact that he said he done it in exchange for beer.

    Chris is now a rentboy lol.

  5. The Fly

    Amy stay away….. do not kiss this nasty guy again’ you will get some sort of mouth disease, he has stooped to a new low now doing it for beer.

  6. jstevieo

    i wonder if sexyPoopy has ANY idea of how much at risk he is exposing himself by stooping to this new recent ALL time low , not that he has much if any health awareness at all , but exposing himself to random gay mens desires without taking the specific precautions ,result in him being in an extreme high risk group of infection of soas , specifically HIV !! AIDS , i really hope someone can take him aside and explain these risks , lets hope Ryan {who ive no doubt has life experience in said risks and help } takes the time to explain said risks to sexy – considering his hygene standards i wonder if a month of sundays explaining will make any difference at all

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