The FoxmanShawn Defence

Ok, i’ve read some bizarre claims about poor innocent Chris being abused by nasty Foxman. Now Whirlwind has jumped on the troll train and is demanding some funny shit lol.

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 Some of the comments in the chat were equally hilarious. People claiming that FoxmanShawn has been reported for sexual abuse, Jesus Christ!

There were some sensible comments though to be fair.

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All valid points. The only thing stopping me uploading enough video’s to send Chris to jail, is his Mother. She is suffering enough, and i genuinely feel for her.

But Foxman is 10 x the man that Chris is these days, so should Foxman get into any trouble over this, then every single incriminating video regarding Chris will be uploaded here and i can safely predict it won’t be Foxman who comes out worse in all this.

Now, i’m not getting involved in all these Blog wars, but at the same time,  i ain’t letting Foxman be the one to suffer from Shawnio’s dispute with Scuttlebutt, and believe me, that is what all this bullshit is about.


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6 Thoughts to “The FoxmanShawn Defence”

  1. Ryan

    No, this is about sexual abuse of someone who is disabled and mentally challenged. Billybobcesspool was the instigator, but him and Foxman both promised Chris money in exchange for sexual things on camera. They exploited a man who does not understand what he is doing.

  2. You’re portrayal of poor old innocent Chris is strange at best. I take it you have watched the video on here, where he is whinging to his Mum about not getting paid? Is that the man of an embarrassed, exploited, and confused mind who is telling his Mother what happened?

    Or a man who’s only annoyed about not being paid? Which is kind of ironic that you are blasting Foxman for not keeping to his promise of paying monies, when Chris promised AngelStormee he was going to pay her back all the cash he has borrowed.

    You see, Fox did to Chris, exactly what Chris has been doing to people for months. So before you continue to slate Foxman for not paying up, maybe you can pull Chris up on how much exactly he has paid back to Angel, as he PROMISED…and i suspect you’ll find it’s not a single penny 🙂

    Oh, one more point. Do you honestly believe that Shawnio would of given two fucks, if it didn’t involve his arch enemy BillyBobCesspool? I’ll let you ponder on that one 😉

    1. Ryan

      It’s a video of a man who does not understand fundamental concepts that you and I do – things like being embarrassed or sheepish about doing things, realizing the repercussions of our actions, knowing how much money you need to make it through to the next month, knowing how to properly cook and care for yourself and bathe yourself, etc. The fact he says it to his mother so ‘matter of fact’-like is evidence that he does not understand at all what was done to him. Remember, not everyone on disability benefits in the UK gets weekly visits to their apartment to check up on them, etc – or have weekly appointments for you to visit them so they can check up on your well being.

  3. Anon

    There’s not a shred of evidence that Chris is mentally incompetent (non compos mentis). To the contrary, the fact that the UK government allows Chris to live independently and make his own decisions, despite his years in the UK benefits system, clearly indicates he has been deemed able to do so.

  4. The Fly Swatter

    If chris was such a danger to himself, they would not of give him his own place, he knows exactly what hes doing.
    The big kick off is over the money, i have heard him myself say if Angel stormee loves me she will send me money, or to his mum i’m your son and you wont give me some money, its emotional games for money.

    1. Ryan

      No, he doesn’t know what he’s doing – if he did the place would be clean and he would know how to balance a monthly budget. As for paying Angel back, I bet he has every intention but doesn’t understand the limitations of his income, he’s expecting money to be there when it isn’t – and he’s also addicted to alcohol which is using far more money than he had ever planned.

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