The Post That Broke The UK Invasions Back

Now, i’m going to be honest, i can’t prove that the deleting of our UK Invasion channel on  was down to the girls, i mean, it could of been Ryan, he’s butthurt, or could of been Nathan, Mark, or anyone for that matter.

But what makes me think it’s the girls, is the channel was only closed after the video of SexyChris’ sofa, beating Shez’s cast into oblivion. We all now they don’t like being subject to any negative publicity.

So, lets put the video on again, just to make them even more pissed 🙂

Most of the video’s have been uploaded to Youtube, and what’s left will be added tomorrow. Worse news for the girls is, i’ve just ordered our very own video server, to host all vids, so we can even leave YouTube, and there can’t be any more takedowns 🙂

They’re not bothered though remember….







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2 Thoughts to “The Post That Broke The UK Invasions Back”

  1. barstool

    never heard of this jack guy, spend about 2 hours a day on ivlog, trying a bit hard for his pathetic guests i meen geting all dressed up. wy just not shit urself or at least pretend to sad fukker

  2. On da Sofa

    Chris’s sofa is Famous 🙂 Long live the sofa

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