This Weeks Picture Highlights – 10/09/2015

It’s been a strange week in casting land. Here’s some of my favourite pics from this week:

Trashana Runs Out Of Razors:

Trashana as Santa

Trashana as Santa1

Irelands Patriot Poses Nude For IamSonchild:

Ip's leg

Sonchild painting1

SexyChris Poses For Mencap:

SexyChris in new t-shirt2

SexyChris in new t-shirt1

Maddy And Kelzy Have A Pout Off:


Maddy wierd face1

Don’t you just love Social Webcasting 🙂

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

3 Thoughts to “This Weeks Picture Highlights – 10/09/2015”

  1. maddy

    lol pout out but hey is a good pic , did make me laugh a bit thanks good way to start my day x

  2. maddy

    lol pout did make me laugh thanks, i need it good way to start my day thanks again uk muppetts

  3. Angie2013

    I like the Picture highlights.
    Made me laugh also.

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