Who Owns UKM: Suspect Number 8

The list of people being accused of owning this site is getting bigger by the day lol. So far we’ve had Baboultr, jSteveo, Shawnio, Nedrauk, Ryderbak, Irelands Patriot, and even James Anderson (i shit you not) all named in different chat’s as being UKM.

But the latest one is the best. The ‘ukmuppets’ that is on VaughnLive, entered Foxman’s cast yesterday (before the swatting) and just about had time to say hello, before being banned. The reason why?

scuttle is ukm


But i’m going to give you a clue as to who is behind the VL ukmuppets 😉

Shawnio as ukm

Shawnio as ukm1

Shawnio as ukm2

Shawnio as ukm3

Shawnio as ukm 5

Shawnio as ukm 6

I have to admit, he made me chuckle 🙂

See if we can get up to 20 suspected UKM owners by the end of the Month lol.

suspects lineup

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

17 Thoughts to “Who Owns UKM: Suspect Number 8”

  1. Anonymous

    Co owner of justcast… richard swann Is from Wolverhampton just saying…

    1. Richard Swann as in NorthernMonkey? If so, he’s in Rotherham, Yorkshire. We made sure we got all the UK Invasions Dox when they started doxing people on Vaughn a couple of years ago.

      Thanks though, appreciate it.

      1. Ryan

        please show me proof any members of the UKinvasion doxed anyone, they and I have been asking and we’ve never gotten any proof – only accusations without merit.

        1. Yeah sure, that’s a good idea, i’ll just post the screencaps that will dox all my friends again lol.

          Where did this ‘they have been asking for proof’ come from? I can only assume they are asking you to do their dirty work for you, because they have never asked me!

          The sad thing about this is, they detest you Ryan. They always have and always will, but they are taking advantage of you to come to me to ‘ask’ things for them. They all visit here, so why don’t they ask?

          You are free to believe who and want you like, but i know, they know, and several others who they doxed know why this site started, and will NEVER go away.

          Remind them of that, it drives them mad lolol

          1. Ryan

            No, I’m doing the dirty work for them on my own accord because I believe it’s a 100% bogus accusation. Nobody asked me to do anything on your blog. I don’t even chat to them outside of their chatroom for the most part. I like how you immediately discount anything. I make it my mission to fight internet rumors and bad gossip, and hold those making accusations accountable. So, you could show me – without giving out information. For example, if it was said in open chat, you could blur a person’s last name or street for example, but I would still be able to see for myself that doxing occurred. You can’t do that though can you? The reason I think you can’t is because I believe it’s fabricated.

  2. Pikem4n

    Hello Karl

    Just wondering where the odds are on whomever it is who is laying claim in being behind the ukmuppets user on vl?
    And I might aswell add myself,the guest user 824 and any of frank Taylor’s cats into the mix too! 😀

    Btw,just food thought, don’t people from the Mersey area refer to wrong’uns and dodgy types as being scally’s ?

  3. lol Pike, it’s not Frank Taylor or a Scouser, We know who it is, but we don’t care, it’s just funny watching them troll everybody 🙂

    Ryan, like i said, you can believe what you wish to, but i am not going to dox my friends just to please your suspicion.

    They know they lost, they are still butthurt like the little girls they are, because they can’t do a single thing about it. Everyday they wake up and see that this site is still up, they know that it’s another day failed 🙂

    Also the fact that we have all their dox, makes them pissed. Do say i said ‘tally ho’ next time you speak to them 😉

    1. Ryan

      I believe NOTHING without solid evidence. I know now more than ever that you have fabricated your accusations against UKInvasion because of jealousy for them not allowing you to cast on their channel back on vaughnlive. They have provided me evidence of that, screenshots showing that you were whiny and wanted to get back at them for not allowing you to do as you please. You have provided zero evidence. There are ways for you to prove things to me without giving out any personal information – you could blur out all personal information and show me a screenshot of them being malicious / talking badly about someone / giving out personal info. You cannot provide a single shred of evidence to back up any of your accusations on ANYONE you write a story about. I thought this blog was better than Scuttletrash, but now I know it’s exactly the same. Good day.

      1. How can you blur out a persons name when showing a dox? You even commented on a post which was made in the very early days, which proved they were bitching about people in their ‘private’ Facebook group.

        Ok, look. You are quite welcome to post your views on here, nobody is banned or censored. But i really don’t have the time to keep going over and over the same argument day in day out.

        Give the girls my love <3

        1. Ryan

          Don’t you have photoshop?? You use the BLUR tool to blur sensitive information you don’t want others knowing, then you re-save the image as another file. It’s quite easy. If you’re referring to me complaining once to you about Rich unfriending me on Facebook, that was an error and was corrected long ago. I have seen zero evidence of them being rude to other people (with the exception of Rich back when him and I were feuding on the vlogdogradio/aftermath radio thing in 2013)

          1. Yeah i know how to blur names out, but if i blur it out, how are you going to tell who it is?

            The post i was talking about is this one

  4. Ryan

    Karl I don’t need to know WHO they’re doxing/doxed nor do I care. I just want to see that it was done and see proof of malicious behavior….

    So blurring will work perfectly…

  5. Ryan

    As for the post about Raveman….he annoys the piss out of everyone and flirts with all the women and tries to get nudes from them. This person keep having technical issues and never listens to advice. I once cleaned his PC remotely and there were over 2,000 infections in Malwarebytes. Then 2-3 days later it was all mucked up again so I said you’re on your own. There are people that it’s okay to make comments about, he’s one of them. He’s not an innocent party at all…

  6. Hahaha, ok , lets get this straight. It’s ok for the girls to slag somebody behind their back, and be all nice and praising to their face, as long as you don’t like them?

    I think i’ve wasted enough time on this now, i’ve got video’s to edit. Have a good day.

    Tally ho!

    1. Ryan

      Nobody is praising to Raveman’s face…..he’s kicked out of many rooms and banned from several I go to….

  7. Ryan

    You need to understand something about Raveman1968. He gets warned many times to not do the same behavior, then he says “ok sorry I won’t” and then the next day he does it again, such as asking for nudes from the women etc or wanting to get on skype with them. We have been very patient with him for over 2 years. Nothing changes. So, I will openly ridicule him now without remorse. You see, there is a large difference between going after someone randomly because of a vendetta like you do – and telling someone they are a complete moron for not listening to you or anyone else for 2+ years.

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