Steeliehead: Foxman’s Scared Of Me

You’ll have probably heard the death threats from Steellie to Fox, Shannon and Mama Pump. And i think we all agree, that what he threatens to do to Foxman, is one thing, but to threaten his Sister, and elderly, not long out of Hospital Mother, is low.

So during jStevio’s cast yesterday, Cameron was asked if it was the booze talking, or if he really does want to hurt the Fox.

The following video contains Steelie on jStevio’s cast, then cut’s to Foxman’s cast, where he talks to him on the phone.


As you can tell, Foxman was petrified lol. His excuse later on was, he thought Foxmans Skype was FoxmanShawn222…


Foxmans Skype addy

Plus, how many times has he rang him?






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One Thought to “Steeliehead: Foxman’s Scared Of Me”

  1. Angie2013

    The Foxman dont seem afraid in the video. not seen where foxmans mum and sister was threatened but for someone to do that just shows how much of a coward they are.

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