Spike Terrorises Chris

I’ve had a couple of requests for the video of last nights drama at SexyChris’ new flat. For those that missed it, i’ve edited the best bits down to 2 video’s below.


Then Mum and Stephen leave Chris at Spikes mercy, until the Police turn up. Then it’s a party at Chris’




It’s quite ironic how Chris is complaining about somebody being nasty to him, then screams at the same people who are helping him. Some would say this is karma for the hell he’s put his Mum and Stephen through, or the total disrespect he showed towards his neighbours at Pennine Gardens.

Lets not forget here. Chris had it cushy when living at his Mums, until he decided to threaten her one time too many. Then he had a nice place at Pennine, peaceful neighbours, nobody to mither him. But that arrogant attitude of his made him think he could just do what he wanted, regardless of the nuisance he was to the other occupants.

And just like the saying, what goes around comes around and now he’s living in the the same situation he’s put so many others under. Chris is no victim in this, he’s not ended up there through being a nice, friendly bloke, despite what Ruby might say. He’s there, with all the other scum, because that’s exactly what he’s been the last few months.

He’s abused, conned, lied, and done just about every other nasty thing you can think of, and now, he’s paying the consequences!








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26 Thoughts to “Spike Terrorises Chris”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    I missed this because Chris the Twat has IP banned me again after me making another new account in order to get a look in to see what he is up too. Yes, that night when he cried about people banning him for not saying anything yet what he go and do, bans someone for trying to be friendly toward him, I can’t see him last to be honest, he will be locked up in a lunatic asylum for the sake of his own safety at some point and due to the fact that he don’t know the meaning of respect when respect’s due.

    1. Chris has banned about 6 of my Ivlog accounts lol. He so deluded, that in his mind, he’s the King. He assumes that he can ban anybody he likes, for no reason at all, and they will come crawling back, begging him to unban. I watched him kick every single guest the other night, for no reason at all.

      If enough people said to themselves ‘you know what, fuck him, i’m not going back to his cast ever again’ and stuck to it, once he realised he was getting no more than a handful of viewers, he would soon be begging people to come back. He craves attention. A cast with only 5-6 viewers would fuck his head right up!

  2. CrapMoStank

    I know, it’s unbelievable of how he is getting on like and treating others. It’s all he is interested in and nothing else is casting and showing off for us in the way he has done. I was there too that night, he turns guest chat on only to go off one one again and kicks all the guests before switching off guest chat and making his cast private for registered user only. It’s an endless cycle that is quickly becoming repetitive in a bad way.

  3. gaz

    if the cops visit this website they will see the pedo video lmao, also they gave him a phone i find that weird, and if spike got arrested thats twice it has happened this month, he just got out of jail, chris will end up getting stabbed

  4. Anon

    Has anyone seen or heard any proof that this is actually being done by anyone else other than Chris himself. The other day he said someone had put a screw in his lock but now it happened last night please Chris remember your lies. He is so cunning and devious it is probably just a set up by Chris to get sympathy from people. I just dont believe a word of it myself I have to laugh at how gullible some people are in his room believing this lying piece of garbage. I know Ruby would lie for him and say she has seen and heard it all as would a few of the others. I get really pissed of as well with the snide comments Ruby makes e.g. Steven the voice of doom and I wouldnt leave my son like this, always sniping at his mum and Steven. If you are so concerned Ruby have Chris come and live with you I bet you would soon change your sanctimonius attitude. Anyway if it is true which i very much doubt he has brought it on himself karma is a bitch and she loves to bite you in the arse. Maybe although i doubt it he will start treating people with more respect and not keep acting like the attention seeking scumbag he had become. Chris casts virually non-step but everything happens during the short while he is not casting or strangely when chris is out of sight. Another thing he never takes his eyes off the cam for long he is always looking to see what impact it is having that is not the actions of a scared and frightened person it is all play acting to get out of where he is. Enjoy being conned people some may at last finally be coming to their senses.

  5. I was thinking the same thing regarding Chris doing it himself. He is desperate to get back to his Mam’s. He’s realising that he can’t get his own way where he is now and it’s doing his head in. He thinks in his mind, that he should be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and if he screams loud enough, people will bow down to his demands.

    Now he’s met people who aren’t scared of him, he’s frustrated, and will do anything to get back home, where he knows he can run the place again.

    Whether Spike did do it or not, who knows. But what i did find strange, was when Chris said to his Mam something along the lines of “how can i hack him, her doesn’t even have a computer” which instantly makes people assume he’s not online.

    Yet if you visit our Facebook page, somebody has posted the link to Spikes Facebook account, so it’s obvious he does have internet access. I would imagine Chris would know this, so was he being very clever in choosing his wording, to make it sound like Spike is just a liar?

    Also i agree with the comments about Rubes. I honestly don’t know what she’s doing when it come to Chris. Is she just a troll? Or is she genuinely blinded by love, so much so, that she thinks everybody else is in the wrong, apart from Chris?

    I know she has kids, and i wonder if she would put up with her own children screaming abuse at her everyday? Or would she be happy if online friends were accusing her of not doing enough for them, if they were stealing, threatening and verbally abusing her constantly?

    Knowing her fiery temper, i doubt it very much some how. It’s a shame she lets herself down with this ‘Chris can do no wrong’ attitude she has, because she usually speaks her mind, that’s what a lot of people like about her.

    When it comes to Chris though, i think even if she sat there and witnessed Chris do the most horrific crime in front of her, she would still say it’s everybody else’s fault 🙁

    So frustrating!

  6. Anon

    Well I’ve seen it all now Chris just banned someone for saying that a song he was playing was boring. What a cretin

  7. dave

    I’m reading these comments, and basically it appears that you’re all angry or disappointed that he isn’t doing what you want, he isn’t being your puppet.

    1. Anon

      Dave don’t think anyone is angry or disappointed just opinions being stated or are you the only one you think that should have one. My other opinions are that you are a plonker, tosser or wanker take your pick i’ll let you choose what suits you best. Merry Christmas mwah xx

      1. dave

        I understand, you don’t like me because I’m always sticking up for those being bullied and standing up to bullies, and not tolerating any BS or accepting the ‘oh it’s just the internet’ excuse.

        1. Anon

          Lol at standing up to bullies Dave/Ryan whatever your name is you are one of the biggest bullies on the internet. As for BS you eat, drink and sleep it so much it comes outa both ends but I understand even you need love so again Merry Christmas sweetie.

          1. dave

            Once again, a bully is someone who goes around making fun of others, chatting about them behind their backs, writing blog stories to make them look bad, passing around photoshop chops of photos to make someone look silly, calling in fake food orders, etc. Someone who constantly insists others need to fucking behave themselves is not a bully.

  8. Dusty Bin

    Not angry or disappointed Think that’s Chris, angry he cant get his own way as much as he used to, and disappointed that a lot of People are no longer falling for his coning and lying ways. When Chris was at Pennine Gardens making a racket at all hours he did not care about his neighbours, Now he has the cheek to moan about the noise/music where he is now. People shouting etc was this not what chris did at Pennine gardens also. Welcome to your own noisy world Chris. and as for Spike i’m sure theres more to it than chris says.

  9. Anonymous

    Bet chris is regretting getting evicted from his old flat now, he’s now in a place where no one will put up with his shit..I don’t believe half of it though, he’s a well known attention seeker and drama queen.

  10. CrapMoStank

    How can you justify someone pulling down their pants and dancing like an idiot and jumping all over your furniture yelling and screaming like a psycho like your the only person around, This person has no regard for anyone else but himself, he showed that when he was at his old flat and now he’s in a place where others get on like him. If he can’t live with that then maybe he should do himself a favor and admit himself into one of them loony bins or have someone do it on his behalf. There is nothing angry or disappointing in me saying this. He chooses to treat others like a cunt yet expects to be treated with respect. so stop with the bullshit here in attempting to stick up for the bloke for put yourself in Chris’s shoes, had you got on like him and demanded respect at the same time, would people agree to what you just wrote Dave?

    1. dave

      If you don’t like how Chris behaves CrapMoStank, don’t go to his show. It’s ENTERTAINMENT. He is playing a character, this is roleplaying, this isn’t real life. When you watch a television show do you believe everything you see is really happening and not acting?

      1. Anon

        Dave stop bullying people by telling them they shouldnt go to shows just because you dont like them. Telling them to fucking behave themselves is in fact being a bully YOU LOSE AGAIN.

        1. dave

          No, it isn’t. A bully makes people feel bad about themselves and uses hurtful words. Do you watch television programs you can’t stand just to yell at the screen? I’m suggesting people that don’t enjoy it go elsewhere, and stop putting Chris down.

          1. Anon

            Dave/Ryan whatever your name is like the hurtful words you have used to various people on here so thats makes you a BULLY.

      2. CrapMoStank

        It’s funny you coming off with that Dave for as far as I can tell, Chris is the biggest bully here. He bullies his mother, he bullies Steve and most off all, he bullies his viewers, particularly when they had enough in suggesting they stop giving him money on demand. It’s people like me that do have common sense in trying to get him to wise up more but he don’t want to listen and keeps acting the cunt! How can you say that is bullying? I suggest you stop being a bully yourself, in bullying him as well as myself in encouraging Chris to keep acting the way he is doing for him to be criticized in this way. The man is an idiot and you know it.

        1. dave

          I think the man is a GENIUS.

          1. Anon

            Dave also tells big porkies as well as being a bully

  11. sexydox

    long time viewer first time commenter, chriss is an enigma he is the king the drama is excellent all bo before king sexy

    1. Anon

      Sexydox the only royality Chris could strive to be is a clown prince.

  12. Anon

    I’ll leave it to this blog to capture the highlights of Sexy Chris for me.

    With all of Chris’ private shows, and all his kicking and banning of various names, and the fact that his show is tediously boring the vast majority of the time, it’s just not worth it to try to keep up.

    Please share highlights of deliveries, police visits, Spike-related beatings, mum screamings and anything else other than the tedious rubbish that fills most of his cast.

    Good luck!

  13. Anon

    As a follow-up to my comment, remember when Chris used to consistently get a viewer count in the 100-200 range? Now he’s very lucky to surpass 70, and typically he’s below 50.

    His decisions, as well as viewer boredom with his repetetive antics, are rapidly killing his show.

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