Clips Of The Week 17/04/2016

From sexy thoughts with Buckle420, to the return of Question of the Week from Cherrybreeze. Here we take a look back at some of various clips from the last 7 days that wasn’t quite post worthy on their own.


Mark Vaughn – Not My Coding You Paupers:

Once again, the greatest coder since Samual Morse, could never entertain the ridiculous notion that VL is running crap because it’s anything to do with his skills..never, ever…

Mark won't admit his site is slow

Maddy Joins The E-Beggers Union:

If it’s good enough for GG and ElectroJed. it’s good enough for Maddy.

Maddy joins the beggers


Anna Revisited:

Chris gave us a glimpse of his Mum from back in the day.

Chris' Mum years ago

I know some people are not too keen on her, but i think she’s great. And she certainly scrubs up well too ๐Ÿ™‚

Buckle420: I Can Eat My Own Lettuce:


Buckle can lick her own fanny

It Was No Make Up Week On VL:

Natural Beauty, as it should be.

GG looking rough

Sirensea looks haggered

ย Don’t Say Hello To jStevieo Or The Ban Hammer Will be Out:

During his drug induced sulk on his cast the other night, it wasn’t just us here, or Lardo, or Scuttlebutts chat that felt the wrath of the opium. Hell no, some guest happened to say hello…and was swiftly removed lol.

jsteveo bans lardo

So, with freedom of speech apparently allowed, just what did the guest really say to be silenced so quick?

Steveo kicks Lardo1

Steveo kicks Lardo

Freedom to speak, it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it. Opium on the other hand….

Question Of The Week With Cherrybreeze:

I’ve missed these it’s been so long. ย This weeks thought provoking question came from London’s sex goddess, Zoe, Cherrybreeze.

And that’s it folks. Hope you had a great weekend and hope you enjoy the lulz from the week ahead from Social Media’s finest casters ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week 17/04/2016”

  1. maddy

    lol been nearly a yr thought you missed me lol you do make me laugh sometimes i must admit and theres nothing wrong leaving my donations tag on my page im not forcing any 1 to give me anything just there if they want to, keep up the good work uk muppets lol

    1. To be fair, those guys that sit outside McDonald’s and cash machines with a bucket and begging sign are also not forcing anybody to give either. But they are still wanting other peoples money.

      The big difference is, they are homeless and need it to survive, not to pay for a new haircut or another bottle of wine, js ๐Ÿ™‚

      The fact is, if you are going to ask people for their money, especially when you don’t need it, then you are going to get criticized. Just ask GG or Jed, or Luna.

  2. BabylonGanoosh

    A beggar is unsightly regardless of whether there is money in their hat or not. The question really is this: Maddy, do you wish to be known as just another pan handler on a webcam site, or are you better than that?

    You will be judged by your actions, not your words.

  3. Rob Roy Fingerhead

    xxxxxx aka “CANUCK SUE” is a tranny looking agoraphobic viewer of the HankandJim show on VL. She’s a daily part of a group of unemployed living off government assistance losers watching another unemployed living off government assistance loser play old people music all while looking catatonic and need of thorazine or zoloft on viewer cams.

  4. maddy

    pan handler ,lol judge me all you like didnt know i was in the court room ,lol oh no all hell breaks lose because i add my own twitch alerts from my twitch account onto my other rooms oh no end of the world lol uk muppets must be so desperate to post something to cap that / someones missing sexychris so bad they got nothing better to post bless em but thank you babylonganoosh for your kind concerned words ill keep them in mind have a good day x

  5. maddy

    opps my bad forgot to say ,if i was a pan handler as you say i would of kept the free v.i.p package i was bought buy another caster wouldnt i but no i asked mark / miss scruffy to remove it off my account and offered a full refund to the person who bought me it .thank you

  6. maddy

    yer i look like ive had my hair cut dont i karl , i have to do that myself as i cant afford a hair dressers and i would love you to try and explain how having your twitch alert on any page you cast on to totall biscuit and dodger and many of my friends on twitch who recieve thousands and gifts from gaming companys etc pan handling lol seems you are living in the old days of going down to the river looking for gold no 1 is forced to do anything they dont want its there if any 1 wants to help towards a monitor as im using an tv as i do not have a income like those as you say sign on i claim no benefits so have to make do with what i have if people want to judge me for that then thats up to them but thank you for you concern , i think lol

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