IamSonchild – The Latest VL Banning Spree Victim

One sure way to guarantee that your website is busy and popular is to ban as many people as you can. Or at least that’s the Vaughns way of thinking.

Sirensea, Oma, Boston Chickie, and Subarashi are just a few of the casters to have fallen to the Scruffy ban hammer recently. But now, we find out that Sonchild (Queen Anita IV) was also a victim of this sudden, vicious cull.

Why was she banned? All because she discovered, and outed Mark as being one of those dodgy hand shakers.


Sonchild got flagged1


Sonchild got flagged3


So as you can see. Queen Anita IV, was unjustly banned  for exposing Mark as a Freemason, and daring to criticize the ‘elite’


Sonchild got flagged5


Sonchild got flagged9


Sonchild got flagged10


Sonchild got flagged11


Oh noes! Please let the Lord save our Queen Anita IV and get our Noble one the funding required to rid her of these horrific illnesses.


Sonchild got flagged13



Such a sad ending for our Anita IV. Dying in pain, silenced from VaughnLive for exposing Freemason Mark, and denied any sex in her final moments.


Anita -  i am not having sex


Just how anybody could be so cruel to our Queen at times like this is, is just beyond me, and any belief i held in humanity.


Anita - i don't believe in your bullshit


Oh, ok then, night night then.











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6 Thoughts to “IamSonchild – The Latest VL Banning Spree Victim”

  1. Vizzy

    Anita is a pain and she goes on but she is harmless and for the most part has a heart of gold. She has her beliefs to which we are all entitled to but as usual free speech for some is not an option on Vaughn Live. They are banning the wrong people, they seem to allow GamerGirl, Bubbaganoosh & Hardwood to say or do what they like, while IP banning or permanently banning others trying to for want of a better word “stick up” for people like Oma. I find it abhorent that Scruffy and Mark did nothing but give GamerGirl a slap on the wrist for her disgusting behaviour over Oma’s dead baby. Then for her and Hardwood to make jokes about a paralysed 6 year old boy again with no recourse I find unbelieveable. In fact the situation was made worse by Mark pretending to be annoyed with GamerGirl and demanding an apology over his “eyebrows” show that he to thinks dead babies and paralysed children are a joke. Scruffy claims to have read the riot act to GamerGirl and I believe that as much as I believe Mark knows how to run and code a site. So much for Christian values from this family considering they claim to live good Christian lives.

    Along with quite a few other people my channel was closed for violation of broadcasting guidelines, still not sure how that worked when I have never cast. Still I did disagree with Scruffy on a few occasions and was called a liar when I said I had contacted them and asked why I could not use my name and my channel closed. I showed the proof and her next step was to say I was a malicious troll and that was why I was banned and the channel closed, and of course was IP banned again, her words just before she did it was cry over this. Cry over you IP banning me lol get over yourself and your site. Nearly all the good casters have gone and VL is left with mostly the dregs like those mentioned above save for a couple.

    Marks new tactic to try and make the top bar look busier is to leave channels on there even when the caster has left. I counted 17 channels yesterday morning of which 6 contained only the Vaughn Bot. Where are all these new casters you know the ones you claim that everytime someone leaves at least another 10 sign up.

  2. Ben the Bastard

    Indeed, yet another UK as well as Ireland user been given the boot up the ass. It makes me wonder now, has Mark and Lynne got anything against Europeans.. Since it’s mainly anyone and everyone in and around Europe that is getting accounts closed and bans being enforced..

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Might be why Cherrybreeze don’t cast on it as much over there nowadays, she would have been banned too, since she’s from England, I’m from Northern Ireland, Ireland’s Patriot is from southern Ireland. Does anyone else here know of anyone from the UK or mainland Europe that has had the ban hammer dropped on them by Miss Scruffy?

  3. Anonymous

    Sonchild said last year in chat that she hasn’t had sex with her husband in 14 years

  4. Anonymous

    They must have unbanned her cause sonchild is casting right now

    1. BabylonGanoosh

      I doubt she was ever banned. Sonchild is deeply crazy and the static that is running through her brain often gets typed into chat. Those of you who have been around for awhile now exactly what I am talking about.

      Sonchild imagined she was banned and the thought became reality, at least to her. Imagine her surprise when she discovered she had been “unbanned”. It must have been like Christmas.

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