Mark Vaughn – Please Buy VIP I Have Depression

I’m not sure how gullible Mark thinks we all are, but when you look back at all his attempts to play on our emotions, he must assume we are all thick as pig shit.

We’ve had the ‘ please pay me $15 a month and you will get lots of new, special features’ scam that never produced the goods. Then when people started to wise up to the fact that they are paying $15 a month for nothing other than a badge and no ads, Mark and Scruff had to change tactics.

That’s when we had the Ashlynd incident. As one the Worlds biggest Animal lovers, i’m going to put her illness down to pure coincidence, as i don’t think (hope) even the Vaughns wouldn’t stoop that low.

So then we were technically blackmailed into paying for VIP, or casts would be interrupted with the infamous ‘servers at full capacity‘ logo. A method which was proven to be fake on two occasions. I mean, if a server is near capacity, then refreshing quickly, or simply disabling VaughnLive from storing information on your computer wouldn’t make the server suddenly find space would it?

So, with more and more people ditching their VIP recurring payments (apart from those paid for by Brii) and all scams/excuses worn out, is it coincidence, that the story from Mark has now taken a turn in this direction?


Mark drops more hints about depression


Mark - I'm mentally ill


Hmm. Now maybe it’s just me, but has Mark ever mentioned him having mental problems in the past? Or posted articles on mental health even? Maybe he has and i just missed it, but the only times that i have ever heard MVN talk about mental illnesses is when he’s been calling people ‘idiots’ or ‘stupid’ because they dare to question if there is a fault with VL or Vapers.

You know, a bit like this:


Mark insults people's pc's


You see, that right there just about sums up the way the Vaughns ridicule and insult people who can’t stream properly on their sites.

It’s never their fault. If you are trying to watch a channel and it’s keeps freezing, God forbid you dare to ask if it’s anything to do with Vaughn itself. If you do, then this is most likely the kind of insult you would receive back.

Even when their closest allies agree that the sites are running like a bag of shite, they will still declare you to be a) too dumb to know how to use a pc, or b) claim it’s your ‘old dinosaur’ pc that’s the problem.


VaughnLive - Black screen


VaughnLive - Black screen1


VaughnLive - Black screen3


Then Scruff jumps in. And guess what, you are all lying and there is nothing wrong with Vaughn….


VaughnLive - Black screen4


VaughnLive - Black screen5


Now before you all go turning your Adblock off, that WASN’T the cause of the black screens, because i never ever turn my Adblock off for any site, and VL started working ok again for me at the same time as everybody else.

Scruff just spotted an opportunity to try and convince people that Mark had changed a setting so that unless you disabled Adblock, you wouldn’t get to be able to watch any streams. This was/is bullshit just like all the other excuses they make up, in the hope of lining their grubby pockets even more 🙂


VaughnLive - Black screen6


Even Daryl joins in the false information being passed out here. It’s as if the moment one person fell for it, Mark and Scruff were IM’ing Daryl and any other staff to keep the pretence up lol.


VaughnLive - Black screen7


VaughnLive - Black screen8


VaughnLive - Black screen9


No Mark, Site owners deceiving people out of their money for goods that never arrive is annoying. Telling lies to fill your own pockets is annoying. Playing on peoples emotions for financial gain is annoying, but hey, carry on.

VaughnLive - Black screen12

VaughnLive - Black screen13

I wonder what the weather is like up there in cloud Mark’s land?

VaughnLive - Black screen14

VaughnLive - Black screen15

So although we got off track there, you get the picture.

Is Mark really suffering from this mental health problem he suddenly now declares, or is this just another desperate attempt to take as much of your cash now, before launches and completely kills off his ailing ’empire’

I think this guy’s one comment sums up Vaughnsoft to a tee:

Funny sarcastic remark about VL being down

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized




13 Thoughts to “Mark Vaughn – Please Buy VIP I Have Depression”

  1. Anonymous

    As far as the potato computer goes, I recently streamed video/movies on VL with a dual core 2.2ghz w/2gigs or ramm in 640×360 resolution and I did not have any problems. As far as Adblock plus causing the black screen,I guess that is possible if/when you update your browser. One may have better luck with Firefox or Chrome, and possibly using a slightly older version. I have gone in with ABP and manually inspected elements and blocked them to the point where I do not even see the ad free empty ad boxes that used to read Support us,No ads,etc. As far as Mark’s depression,I would be depressed also If I was an arrogant,chicken head,choad,backwoods circus clown ringmaster. Here is a self help link,Mark –

    1. Provider-of-Meatloaf

      Gout!!! Don’t forget the gout!

      For the love of god, Do. Not. Forget. The. Gout.

  2. Observer

    You are absolutely insane. This is like watching those crazy people do shows on Aliens and conspiracy theories. People in general are not very computer savvy and it’s THAT which causes these issues. Then suddenly they mention turning off ad block and you believe it’s some underhanded scheme to get them more ad views for revenue. This is sick. It’s all fueled by your hate and lack of respect for the site and its owner….I’m done coming here, I’ve just realised once and for all that you’re koo koo for cocoa puffs….

    1. Anonymous

      bye ryan again and again and again one day you may actually do what you say but i doubt it

    2. Anonymous

      Maybe if the site owner and her lap dog son showed the people who use the site some respect they may just get some back but i’m not holding my breath

    3. Welcome back Ryan. Just how computer savvy do you have to be to watch VL? It’s not as though there are many high bitrate casts. Most are around the 200-400kbps range, and aren’t most people on fast Broadband these days?

      So basically, as long as you have the flash plugin installed (Chrome has it built in) then what else do you need to learn to watch a cast?

      The almost daily problems are NOT user side, they are server side.I can show you half a dozen screencaps of Mark blaming outages at the Datacenter for his sites crashing or fucking up. Answer me this Ryan, who in their right mind would pay $25k a month to a Datecenter that is down nearly as much as it’s up?

      That’s right, nobody.

      Mark is an awful coder. He’s no idea how to write code to compete with modern languages. You only have to look at all the other casting sites who have their own pro cams. How long has Mark been trying to figure out how to do it? Remember his shambolic attempt at split screens?

      As for the Adblock, why else would they suggest that it fixes black screens, when the black screens are a coding fault on the server side?

      Even better, ask Mark to let us know when he’s made his sites HTML5 😉

      See you again in a month or so 🙂

  3. Rusty Nails Twin

    Is Observer Ryan Hi-Fi ? I’m insane can i have a badge please, must be free though.

  4. Anonymous

    And to add…after right clicking on VL video screen/Adobe Flash Player/Settings/Local Storage/Deny. I have not seen a single server at capacity since June,1st. So…it makes one question why the “At Capacity” massages were so prolific and a common event back around the debut and after $15 VIP/”Directly Support Us” was being announced,or is the answer clearly written on the wall? (side bar comment) – It did mess with the sound bar slider until I cleaned cookies)

  5. Anon

    I recall Mark on JTV, when he was Admin. He is the most offensive person I have ever come across. So rude, NO social skills whatsoever and an attachment to Moms apron and nipple! FFS, he is SO unsociable in everyway, why he thinks he has ANY skills in a Social environment is beyond me! Plus, he is so fucking ugly! LOL 😛

  6. Anonymous

    The Vaughns are caught up in an ego-preserving vortex. If Mark is an under-educated coder in way over his head, then Scruffy failed as his educator. I blame Scruffy for convincing herself and Mark that he’s a genius or whatever his is.

  7. Anonymous

    If it was not for Mark Vaughn, A1 would not be famous!

    1. Anonymous

      who the fuck is A1 vaughn cant of dont that good a job

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