FAO Mark Vaughn

Just thought you might wanna take a quick look 😉


Had to laugh at the little dig at Scruffy there at the end – ‘not bad for a bunch of dj’s huh’…..LOL

I’m glad they addressed the Blogtv/YouNow domain name issue. I was sick of trying to tell people over and over again, that YouNow can’t do jack shit about somebody buying a domain name they don’t own.

It’s like i own ukmuppets.co.uk and ukmuppets.net and a few others, but if somebody wants to come along and buy a domain that is ukmuppets.blah blah and it’s available, i couldn’t do fuck all about them buying it and opening a blog with that domain.

I mean, i even own a vaughnlive domain, what’s Mark gonna do?

That reminds me, i must get round to using that one day 😉

Aside form that, it’s looking like the eventual launch day will be here soon, and if it’s as good as they talk, it’s going to leave poor Mark looking at those antidepressants and thinking ‘i wonder if i take 50 at once, will it make this nightmare go away’

The nightmare that you and your Mother rather arrogantly told us was “just a load of wanna be dj’s” and it “will just be Ivlog mkII”

Oh karma, isn’t she just a wonderful lady 😉











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6 Thoughts to “FAO Mark Vaughn”

  1. Provider-of-Meatloaf

    Marky, Marky, Marky… you have been warned so many times by so many people that this day was coming. And now, that light at the end of the tunnel, it’s a great big motherfucking train with BlogTV.ca stenciled on the front of it, and it is headed straight for your ass and there is not a single, solitary, god damned thing you can do about it.

    You got all your users handed to you when JTV and BlogTV shut down. I have no doubt your mommy (that same woman who fucked up your life forever when she “rescued” you from the horrors of going to a public school) told you that you had earned your success. Well Marky, she lied. That is what your mommy does Marky, she lies. Your user base is fixing to dis-a-fucking-pear, Marky.

    By October 1 of this year, you and your mommy will be looking at each other, each one of you secretly blaming the other for your mutual failure.

    Schadenfreude has never been quite as sweet as it is right now.

    1. Ryan_Hifi

      Some said Vaughnlive would shut down when Ivlog opened, did that happen? Nope. Did they lose a ton of casters? Nope. You all miss your beloved former blogtv community and are latching onto a name that has nothing to do with the old blogtv. You place your hopes that some site somewhere will allow the behavior you so wish you could get away with on vaughnlive and ivlog, but guess what…it won’t happen. This new blogtv is #1 not the old blogtv, and #2 not a free for all – you will be banned for offenses there too. In conclusion, use logic when choosing a site, not emotions – don’t just hope for websites to shut down others because you don’t like somebody.

      1. I really have no clue where your logic comes from Ryan.I have not seen nor witnessed one person originally from blogtv and only blogtv act in any such manner.Blogtv was always very professional in their dealings with people who broke the easy to follow rules.I have not once witnessed anyone innocent be punished for something they did not do back on blogtv.I also witnessed absolutely zero favoritism on blogtv.I don’t understand I really do not.Look at the number of broadcasts on vaughnlive.Currently, there are less than 10 at most.Take a look at ivlog.tv and you will see around the same.

        Honestly Ryan I myself feel that platforms such as blogtv,ivlog,vaughnlive etc are the past.Now we have Facebook allowing live broadcasts and you can easily shut out the people you do not wish to broadcast in front of.If everyone moved to periscope and facebook the act of trolling would end.The act of screen capping what people do and say would be over.People like yourself who have nothing to do with their time but harass places like ukmuppets and scuttlebutts corner would have to resort to #gasp# going outside in the sun and leaving your basement dwelling.Maybe my assumption is wrong but Ryan sir, you have entirely too much time on your hands.Idle hands are the devils plaything.I suggest you focus on something more productive than all this needless banter.

        Some day Ryan you will run into the wrong person.The person who can do extensive damage to you and it will be too late for you to take the things you said and the actions you took back.

        I feel very bad for you Ryan.I really am hopeful you can change your life.I myself ,unlike others have a good bit of apathy for you.I have been around people like you.I have made people like you stop obsessing with the internet and start becoming a normal functioning human being.

        It isn’t too late for you Ryan.Everyone can change.Everyone.

      2. Provider-of-Meatloaf

        Enjoy setting fire to the straw man you have constructed, troll.

  2. Flatulance

    Hopefully the site will be all that they say it will be. He does have a point with the “DJ’s” comment.

    Most of these so called “Professional DJ’s” on Vaughn, Blog, Camup, Ivlog, etc. casting from their basement with 30+ year old equipment couldn’t even hold down a janitor’s job at a real radio station.

    There are a few great ones, but sadly the posers outnumber the good ones.

  3. Mr Holmes

    Ryan says the crap he comes out with to get a reaction out of people, he likes to chat utter crap just so people will question/argue with him,
    just a Attention seeker is Nappy boy Ryan

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