James Packer: New Information And Why It’s Important To Share

If you can watch this whole video till the end, you are a fucking soldier lol.



This guy sounds insane.

But, is he?

He might live in cuckoo land and be capable of boring a sunflower to death, but he’s not daft when it comes to using people for his own gain.

Neither is he behind the door when it comes to trying to get you to part with your cash.

He’s been banned from Scuttlebutts a couple of times now, but somehow, he talks himself back in. Now, Scutts has been around long enough to clock a scammer when he see’s one, but for some unknown reason, James keeps on blagging his way back in there, just to do the same thing over and over again..

You only have to look at the the crap chat each day to see what;s going on here. James will log in, say a couple of lines that the guys want to hear, like “Shawnio is retarded” “Mark Vaughn can’t code” then boom, he will change the subject to include a link to his website. It will either be ” i’ve changed a colour in the header, come and have a look at blah blah” or “i’ve added a new page to the menu, come and see at www.blah blah”

This guy doesn’t give two fucks about Shawnio or Mark Vaughn. He even casts on VL and then keeps promoting the link in the crap chat ffs.

All he is doing is agreeing with whatever he thinks will keep him popular long enough to spam his website.

But it’s gets even worse.

Not done with using Scutts blog and chat to push his ‘aliens are everywhere’ insane nonsense, he’s even plugging his online shop now too.

So, lets go and take a look at what Mr Packer has for sale…. 🙂

Take a look at this wonderful Umbrella you can purchase.

Packers umberallas

Isn’t that cool?

Here we have folks, a quality made umbrella with James’ website written across it.

But how much is this stunning piece of art?

Packers umberallas1

Yours for only $20…LMFAO!!!!

Hey, live in a hot, sunny, dry climate and don’t need an umbrella?

How about you treat yourselves to one of these designer t-shirts.

Packers t-shirts1

That’s right folks, it may have no branding, not even the website printed on it, but who cares, James wants your money, so snap up one of these bargains while stocks last.

Packers t-shirts

Wow, only $24 for a t-shirt that’s probably made on Korea out of the finest materials going.

Or if you live more of a Bronx lifestyle, you could always hand over $21 and look a complete and utter dogs dick by wearing one of the Reality Explorations bandana’s.

Packers bandanas1

Packers bandanas

Jesus Christ. This dude lives on another fucking planet if he thinks people are going to pay those prices for that shit!

Still, it’s funny watching him spam and spam away in the hope somebody will one day take any notice of him. He’s like those bloody annoying Jehovah’s Witnesses that knock on your door every Sunday.

You know they are harmless, but you just can’t stomach listening to their inane ramblings that they want to shove down your throat.

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2 Thoughts to “James Packer: New Information And Why It’s Important To Share”

  1. BobaFett

    Not sure what is more boring, James Packer himself or a blog about James Packer. The guy is bland, dull, lifeless and dry.

  2. Peter

    hahah this packer idiot is a complete moron and scuttles blog has become a joke. scuttlebutt is a hypocrite. he claims he hates pedophiles, yet allows a certain one to talk freely in his chat. he claims he hates scammers yet he lets packer use his blog to spam his bullshit scams 400 times a day. he claims he allows freedom of speech yet has a ban list longer than miss scruffy’s. scuttle will also do what miss scruffy does and bait people as anon, then sign in and ban them. like they were some how supposed to know who the fuck he is when he’s anon. not to mention their obsession obsession with shawnio. no matter what time of day you go to scuttles you can guarantee that they’ve been talking about shawnio. posting the same 10 screen caps, saying the same things

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