Three Things You Should Never Do In Life

1) Call your Wife by another name in bed!

2) Play Pokeman Go!

3) Meet up with Internet friends!

Time and time again, we see people meeting up with ‘friends’ they only know through the Internet. And time and time again, it all goes tits up!

Remember the Craigito1/Bigy/Willsmac and Rach Blackpool disaster?

Well, it seems people just don’t learn.

Yesterday, we had the Edge of Eight and Carolyn take the journey over to Joker444’s house for a few beers and a laugh.And, just like most other meet up’s, it started off so well…



Then as the fun continued, all of a sudden, you could of cut the atmosphere with a knife lol.


The next few hours consisted of Joker doing his usual ‘do as i say or i will turn the cast off’ with the stream turned off every 45-60 minutes or so, Carolyn just being sulky and shitfaced, and Edge being the voice of reason.

To be honest, Edge deserves a medal for being so calm and composed while the other two were snapping at almost everything she did or said.

So there we go, further evidence that Internet friends should stay just that. People need to realise that what happens through their monitor, is nothing more than cyber life, and 9 times out 10, will NEVER match up to real life.

But we all know, soon there will be another Foxman – Loveleigh , another Bigy – Craigito1, and another Joker – Edge farce for us to enjoy 🙂

ps: Credit to Pokemongunt for the Joker pic 😉










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6 Thoughts to “Three Things You Should Never Do In Life”

  1. jokeer444

    i realy feel bad i was such an ass see now why i don’t drink i am a mean drunk can’t blame anyone 1 but my self

    1. Anonymous

      i miss sexychris and the random people who showed up at his parties :<

  2. joker444

    realy i just said the truth i was to blame for everything i got drunk drunk joker is mean i hurt two vaughn friends and cause i’m the only 1 to blame 3 beers and 7 to 9 shots of fire ball i become a dick i take full blame it was all me to blame and i am not getting mad and bitching u won’t post it dude i enjoy the ukmuppits some of your shits funny but realy u mad cause i am willing to admit and say no1 to blame but me realy dude wow u watched for six hours post sum stuff i man up take it like a man what to read sum dipshit comment and u eraced my post does it hurt that sum rreal man is not gona cry and bitch about a bad chose i agree vaughn heads shouldnot met and i can be a meean drunk i broke my number 1 rule never met but i had a dipshit moment it happens and keep up the good work

    1. That was fucking painful to read, use some fucking punctuation at the very least.

      Cunts like you really shouldn’t be allowed to use a keyboard.

      1. joker444

        lol that why i cast

  3. Schicklgruber

    Sieg, not seig, you degenerate little reprobates, lulz.

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