xCarolynx Hit’s Back At THOSE Allegations

Those that were watching the Joker – Carolyn – Edge meet up live, will have noticed the constant messages from the guests for people, Joker especially, to Google Sexyfufu.

And those that did, will have come across dozens of hard core porn pictures of Carolyn (aka sexyfufu) from the various Adult sites she uses.

I’m not going to post them all here, although i will give you a little preview of some of the stuff you’ll find 🙂

Warning: The following Image contains full nudity and sexual acts not suitable for persons under the age of 18 and those who are easily offended.

To view the image, click on ‘show’ and if you are viewing at work, click on ‘hide’ again.


Wow, that’s some skill 😉

But one allegation that was disturbing, was the so called ‘dog-fuck’ where the person claims Carolyn was filmed having sex with a Labrador.

Another allegation came from the crap chat, where Theresa, aka MichelleStacy posted a homemade porn video of some woman with a disgustingly hairy ass, and was hinting that it was Carolyn’s.

So to deny both allegations, Carolyn booted up her VL channel and made it quite clear that both allegations were untrue.

** Warning: The chat was ruined with Shawnio spamming the same shit over and over again. But there were still some quality comments that made it through.




For not far off 60, she’s still got a very high sex drive. Still, if people are paying her to do porn and she’s happy about it, then who are we to judge.








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2 Thoughts to “xCarolynx Hit’s Back At THOSE Allegations”

  1. you dont know your cougars

    Women over 55 have a high sex drive, it would be strange if she didn’t

  2. popcorn

    She came from camfuze and other sites and always fighting with someone especially when she is drunk. She loves her booze and drama. Edgeofeight casted with her on camfuze not that long ago but it was short cast. Sexyfufu, Carolyn has a man but she meets people all over the united states to party with.

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