The Joker v Edge Fallout Continues

See how things turn to shit when you mix cyber with reality? Joker and Edge of Eight have gone from being good online friends, to hating each other with a passion.

He’s banned her, she’s on a mission to destroy him, and all for what?

Because Joker said she was a ‘big’ woman?

Fuck me! Not that i ever would, but if i ever have a brain fart one day and arrange to meet somebody from the t’internet, please slap the hell out of me.



He might be a perv, but if he does have nerve damage as Edge says, she shouldn’t be trying to embarrass him just because he said she was large ffs. If she’s that sensitive, maybe spending all day cleaning her home would be better suited to her than casting?








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7 Thoughts to “The Joker v Edge Fallout Continues”

  1. joker444

    now i see what u people w ere talkin about wow now do i hit back or am i bigger then that well if your a misfit you should no the answer and karl as i said uk muppits make me laugh k and i do what u do i have no idea wtf i did but it is what it is and it diid’nt look that bad butt u keep up the great work

  2. Joker said that edge gave him a blowjob, and one thing led to another. I wasn’t till after he found out she used to be a man from an anon in the chat box.

  3. swear box

    she has one potty mouth on her feffin this and that, and saying cunt her mouth is dirty for a woman

    1. 666666

      Thats the man in her coming out lol

  4. lipalert

    lol, compared to sexychris house that place is a palace… didn’t look bad at all for a bachelor pad… guess we found out the real edge in this video… why didn’t u say this when u was there edge?.. oh that’s right you are a back stabbing pussy as well…

    1. Yeah. I was expecting a floor like Chris’ when he spun the cam round. I think him trying to describe Edge as an English footballer style build upset her lol.

  5. cleo

    ryan fatfi wishes he could get a woman like edge of eight instead of that mongoloid creature caroline

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