SteelieHead – The Liquid Diet

I’ve seen Steelie looking rough many a time, but man, either this guy’s taking some hard shit, or he’s got weeks to live.

Just take a look at his face! Wtf are you doing Cam?




He claims that the ‘liquid’ you see him smoking is some kind of Vape shit. Well, if it is, and it’s not the rumoured Meth, he needs to take that shit back to the store and get a refund dude.


Steelie looks ill






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5 Thoughts to “SteelieHead – The Liquid Diet”

  1. Ryan_Hifi

    Really? Meth as a liquid? Never heard of that one.

  2. Provider-of-Meatloaf

    Troll_HiFi, the only thing you’ve heard of is cheeseburgers. It’s time for your afternoon snack, so go eat another dozen of them.

  3. joe

    that is a meth pipe, i smoke it

  4. Rusty_Nail

    Yes there is liquid Meth. He looks like he has lost weight and looks very thin in the face.

  5. Karl, you are practically writing verbatim what I am saying in my broadcasts LMAO

    this is getting a lil redundant, the pipe incident was literally 3 months ago LOL

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