DollParts Talks Alvaro Ryderbak And Rizzo

Sure to piss Simon right off, and probably Rizzo too, here we have the gorgeous Aimee giving us her views on her ex, the King of Trolls Alvaro, and her sudden realisation that Jimmy Rizzo is Bipolar.

*even if your not interested in what she has to say, it’s worth watching just to catch the beauty of a fine young woman and not have to look at Krissy 😉




Apologies for the video quality, but it appears the Welsh Internet Providers have yet to discover Broadband.





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6 Thoughts to “DollParts Talks Alvaro Ryderbak And Rizzo”

  1. SorryCharlie

    Your definition of gorgeous and beautiful are certainly different then mine. She’s very into herself.

  2. Charles Marius

    She’s cute, she’s not gorgeous or beautiful . Nothing special about her. She’s very generic.

  3. 666666

    I agree with you Charlie I think shes just average at best. So many look the same on these casting sites its difficult to tell them apart.

  4. WayneFromNY

    she is cute, i would go down on her, but simon had his nasty cock in her.

  5. nah not pissed. just said nothing about this person for way over a year. i avoid this cooked up narrative like the plague. I’m sure she’s cute and turned her life around. not my cup of tea at all. i like women that have self respect and don’t feel self-entitled. been here, done this. never felt so embarressed by someone elses actions on one of these websites. move on, darling. it was someone else pretending to be me.

    1. Jillyjangle

      Sexy mother fucker simon. I swear your insanely fit.

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