FoxmanShawn: I Refuse Rehab – Oh Go On Then

If he is to be believed (although Momma Pump sort of confirmed it) that he is spitting up blood, then Foxman’s time on this earth is running out rapidly.

So what better time to try and extend his life, by admitting himself to rehab, than now.

No work to worry about, no worries about where he will get the money together for his next drink, oh, and that small issue of being alive long enough to see Christmas.

All add up to being the perfect time to get the medical help his body is pleading for. So when Fox does the right thing, and calls the emergency services for urgent help, off he will go and start getting the help asap.

Won’t he?


Don’t you just admire his determination lol. In all seriousness though, he knows he’s dying, he knows he needs more than rehab right now, so he did the right thing.

If he is spitting blood, the chances are his liver is gone. My Grandad died from Cirrhosis of the liver when i was a young child, and i don’t remember too much about it, but one thing that did always stick in my mind, is him spitting and coughing up blood often.

By then, he was told his liver had literally stopped functioning, and back in those days, there wasn’t the medicines they have now, and liver transplants were rare and often failed, or stopped working after a few months anyway.

So he died an extremely painful death.

If, and that’s a big IF, Foxman can somehow fight this and let rehab ween him off the beer, then there is a chance he will live long enough for a transplant.

If he tries to ignore these warning signs and carries on drinking, it won’t be long before we make the RIP FoxmanShawn post.

Tine to get a grip of your life now Fox!











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9 Thoughts to “FoxmanShawn: I Refuse Rehab – Oh Go On Then”

  1. boy that fat black guy is dumb as rocks you don’t spit up blood from the intestines …… jesus christ he’s stupid. Alcohol abuse hurts the escphogas and stomach that’s where the blood comes from. High rates of throat cancer in alcoholics Ulcers etc. Black guy is loud and thinks the show is about him. Stereotypical loud black person who must focus all attention on himself

      1. HangEmHigh

        Something a typical nigger would say.

  2. anon

    Foxman hates the jews

  3. Observer

    that fat black guy is annoying af. all that tough talk on the computer. he wouldn’t dare talk all that shit if he were there in front of those cops.

  4. Baboultr

    Jesus… What the hells been going on while Ive been away Lol

      1. Baboultr

        I Have got a lot of catching up to do!

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