Clips Of The Week Ending – 14-08-2016

Social Casting is dead right now. All the big players are banned, and the funny ones have left. So trying to find shows to record that either make you smile, or rage with drama are like trying to imagine Chris’ flat receiving a 5 star hygiene certificate.

Still, the show must go on, so i’ve managed to pluck out what i could from the last 7 days. Not exactly breaking news, but hey ho 🙂




SexyChris Still Has A Sense Of Humour:

SexyChris - This nasty twat

Yeah, what a nasty bastard, treating women like shit….

MontrealKaren Looks For The Best Word To Describe Bisexual People:

Olive Watch –  Week 1:

A new weekly feature for UKM is the return to our screens of the classic 80’s icon Olive Butler ( more commonly known for starring in the British sitcom ‘on the Buses’ 

This week we follow her as she nervously returns with the MusicalMindz channel on Ivlog:

Well it has been a while… Closes And Mark Claims The Moral High Ground:

Mark Vaughn - Blab closing

Oh yeah, that’s right, i mean, Mark is never untruthful to his ‘Community’ is he?

Talking about treating their Community like shit, has anybody got any extra benefit from paying you $15 a Month, for everything i get for free yet?

Oh, and how’s that new video player code going, you know, the one you got from Sergey, but are telling people who are dumb enough to believe it, that you are coding it?

Think before you type dude!

Hipperz: Pat, Pat, Is That You Pat?

Anybody seen Pat?

Where is Pat?

Which Pat are we talking about by the way?

Patti: Here’s One For My Horny Young Men

If ever you needed conclusive proof that sex after 50 should be outlawed, this is it!

**WARNING: The Following Video Contains Nudity And Is Not Suitable For Under 18’s And People Easily Offended And Definitely NSFW!

To view the video, click on the show link below. You can then hide the video again by clicking on the hide link.


I think we found Pat for you Hipperz…

RichUK: Quotes Of The Week.

He may come across as dull as dishwater when he’s casting, but you are always guaranteed some lulz when Dicky types in the chat 😉

Here we have Rotherham’s finest explaining to an American guest what we Brits call a ‘hair of the dog’

Enjoy 🙂

RichUK - go to pubes to cure hangover

lol. So if the Dickster ever tries placing his head over your groin one day, you know he’s hungover.

Seriously though, this guy lives above a pub, and doesn’t know what a hair of the dog is…ffs.

Lets see him talking about growing up as a child…LOL

RichUK - i grew up in the 90's

What about his e-lover Krissy?

RichUK - i bet krissy grew up in a she-ra outfit

Err, i’m not a gambling man, but i’d feel quite comfortable waging a lot of money on this one that she didn’t 😉

James Packer: I’ve Been Promoted.

Another one sure to produce retarded quotes, is our man with the aliens, Mr Packer.

James Packer - i've been promoted

This guy is the King when it comes to idiots. He ‘works’ for a Charity shop, and when i say works, he doesn’t get paid, he just gets his benefits.

It’s what they do now in the UK, it’s called ‘workfare’ or something like that, and if you have been unemployed for a long period of time, they make you go out and help out at local shops/businesses, mostly Pound shops, or Charity shops, where you will be required to attend for something like 30 hours a week to still receive your JSA.

Now, Charity shops are just that. They are a Charity, where people give their free time to help that particular shop raise as much money for their Charity as possible. They do not have Admins, and Assistant Managers like Packer is trying to make it sound, there is probably only a handful of people in total who give their time to help out there. But this goon is trying to make it sound like it’s some big money enterprise and he’s working his way up the chain to become CEO or something lol.

When he say’s “i did so well for Admin in the charity shop i became assistant manager” what he really means, is Dorothy’s hip replacement was due and Edna couldn’t find her glasses that day, so could he come in a bit earlier until they desperately found somebody more suitable to cover.

Oh James, you do make me larf!

1000 Diamonds – I Don’t Eat Meat.

When i first saw her profile pic i was convinced it was Droppin 100’s from Ivlog. But once you enter her channel, you’ll instantly notice it’s not her.

First time i’ve seen her on VL. First impressions?

Loud, giggly, doesn’t eat meat or sperm. Apart from that, she’s ok.

That’s about it for this week. Another quiet week on the sites, although Justcast is back now, and so is SexyChris, so just as long as Mark Gronan stays away, we might have a little bit of drama over the next few days 😉

Until next time, take care, be safe, and no matter how bad life seems, remember, there really is somebody out there worse off than you 😉








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13 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week Ending – 14-08-2016”

  1. Meep

    wtf that Olive story is clickbait. I dont know who that is, but it sure isn’t Olive. Everyone knows Amyy is Olive !!

    1. Haha, Amy’s title of Olive has now been taken by Krissy, courtesy of a coup by UKM 🙂

  2. SorryCharlie

    Seriously, if this is the best/worst shit you can find in a week, youre not trying hard enough.

    1. You are right in all honesty. Spending hours watching brain numbing casts that are left these days is not appealing to me anymore, and i will be the first to admit that i probably spend no more than 4 hours a day trawling through various casts anymore.

      I spend more time watching YouTube vids than on the casting sites now.

  3. Monkey

    She is not new to VL. She just doesn’t cast very often. The last time she casted was over a year ago.

    1. Ah right, my bad. It’s just that her follower count was 3 and she didn’t know you could enable guest chat on VL, so with all that, and never seeing her on there before, i just assumed she was new.

  4. Baboultr

    I Laughed out at loud at the James Packer bit 😀

    1. lol, he really is a full blown retard isn’t he. Nice but dim lol.

      1. Baboultr

        He reminds me of a chuckle brother haaaaa

  5. JamesPackerSyndrome

    this fudge packer moron has to have severe autism or some shit to be as dumb and as obnoxious as he is. is he really trying to boast about “working” an old woman’s job for 3 hours a day? it’s not even a job, it’s government scheme to try and get the unemployable deadheads like fudge packer into work.

    fuck, him and mark vaughn could be brothers. both autistic unemployable mongoloids that have no friends in the real world and live with their mommies

  6. Karl, you really gotta stop just posting whatever they talk about in scuttlebutt’s chat, this shit is embarassing by this point

    1. Hi Claire,

      Thanks for your input. All views are welcomed.

  7. John Doe

    Being bisexual is GREEDY, period!

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