James Packer: Another Plonker Bites The Dust

He’s been riling quite a few people up recently, so much so, that i’ve had 3 emails from various people asking if i have any dirt on him. Now while he’s annoying, and incredibly boring, he’s harmless to a certain extent, so not somebody who is worth spending hours researching.

But when you have the intelligence of a grape, it’s probably not a great idea to start claiming you are ‘un-doxxable’ and mouthing off to everyone when you are dumb enough to buy a domain, brag about it, before realising you didn’t tick the Whois Privacy option lol.

**Credit to Shawnio for the info.


James Packers Doxx


Usually, as with the MichelleStacy and the Joker posts, i research the info as much as possible to verify it. But this is James we are talking about here lol.

Now while he’s bound to deny that’s his info, we know he bought the shawnio.com domain name, as he was bragging about it all night. We also know that these days, to pay for a domain or hosting, the credit/debit card information must match up with the details you are registering, or it will be refused as fraud. Even if you pay through Paypal, the same applies as most Hosting companies and Domain registrars are legally obliged to verify the owner of each site/name for fraud and terrorism/child porn prevention.

Ask Mrs Roper or Steve, the owner of YouLiveNow, who both had their Doxx revealed by the same method.

So i would say that’s about as genuine as can be, or he has got somebody who just happens to have the same name as him to use their details, which means James would have to a real life friend, so yeah, it’s legit πŸ™‚

Oh James, how you are going to regret baiting Shawnio everyday now son lmfao. And to those who wanted any dirt on the Packer, the job has just been made a whole lot easier for you now πŸ˜‰

For those wanting to pop in and say hi to James, be sure toΒ MINDΒ what you are doing atΒ 67 Monnow Street
Monmouth, NP25 3EW ** cough cough**





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9 Thoughts to “James Packer: Another Plonker Bites The Dust”

  1. TheThreeBrainCells

    Check out the links


    Both say Monmouth, Wales, UK

    The same location as the address on the domain info. Also the fact that James has his house blurred out on google maps all just proves that those dox are legit. i wonder how many charity shops there are in monmouth….

    prepare yourself james. we’re going in without lube πŸ™‚

    ps, how’s Emily Jankowski?

    1. James’ problem is he talks too much. Remember him waffling on in one of his video’s about the charity he works for are for people with mental health problems. Well there is a charity called Minds, which raises money for people with mental health issues which conveniently is a 4 min walk from James’ house πŸ˜‰

      There are plenty of charity shops near him, but he says he does soldering there, so i assume they accept electrical donations, such as radio’s, tv’s etc, and he repairs them. A quick Google search shows that a lot of charities in the UK won’t accept electrical goods anymore, so you can easily eliminate several of the ones near his home.

      My money is on the MINDS charity shop, which is posted in the OP above πŸ™‚

      1. I have to say we failed to pick up that linkedin page’s details, it was right in front of our faces lol

        you just cannot recover from something so ridiculously funny.

        even scuttlebutt is doing damage control because he knows james is an integral part of his chat experience now, fuckin ell this was good.

        thanks Karlos you wanker πŸ˜›

        Plonker lol fuckin ell

  2. Karl , look at the details again and edit the post lol how late did you stay up πŸ˜‰

    I will email you the photos of his neighbourhood and the path beside his house, this shit is gold.

    ps thanks for the credit, you know James is the last moron to be doxed in scuttlebutt’s circle πŸ˜‰ cheers mate

  3. LOL

    Will James now be reduced to spamming emotes in Scuttle’s chat like MrsRoper?

  4. Baboultr

    Karl this Is gold mate, Only James would do something like this lol If you are gonna troll someone don`t dox yourself in the process haha

  5. Frank Gaylor

    LMAO this is a classic! The Autistic doofus James Fudge Packer tries trolling Shawnio, yet ends up doxing himself. James is taking stupidity to new levels!

    Notice how James hasn’t been in Scuttles today with his usual bravado? Too fucking funny man

    We’ll see you in six months James when you think everyone has forgotten!! HAHAHA

  6. JamesPackerTheDoxed

    LOL @ Scuttlebutt’s latest post. How stupid he looks trying to make out that Packer hasn’t been doxed

  7. P.Ness

    honest frank was also doxed the same way

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