Mark Vaughn: I Need Help With My Servers

I think Mark is slowly starting to admit he is out of his depth now. Recent Facebook posts have been stuff such as ” i never signed up to be an adult” and “i need a vacation from real life” etc…

Now we have the latest self confessed clue that he really isn’t good at t’internet things like he claims:


Mark Vaughn - Sick of being woke up to fix server


Ok, lets clear 2 points up here.

1) Lets just for one minute, imagine it’s not Marks useless coding, and the Datacenter he uses to host his servers is pretty crap and overloaded.

For $25k a month, i’m sure you can move to a far better hosting company that won’t crash all the time.

2) Now lets assume for the money you are supposedly paying each month, that the servers are in actual fact, fine, and it’s your inability to code, or even use somebody’s code (which we all know you do) that is the problem. Would it not be easier to just pay a decent coder a one off fee, to sort your shambles out and get it running smooth without needing to keep rebooting your servers?

Your arrogance will soon be your downfall dude.

Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

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5 Thoughts to “Mark Vaughn: I Need Help With My Servers”

  1. SorryCharlie

    WOW. Nice one. Spot on man.

  2. Ryan_Hifi

    Keep on hoping and wishing, it’s not happening Karl…

    1. 666666

      thats why he only has 6 casters on his site tonight lol Ryan you will have to make up lots of fake accounts to keep Mark afloat

  3. WayneFromNY

    just another bullshit lie from marky poo. marky has more bullshit than a herd of bulls

  4. anon

    Mark is 10 years old mentally and has autism

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