1 To 52 And Radiance Salvation =

..no idea?

But we know someone who does!

She’s the lady whom ISIS fear and secret agents around the world respect. This cunning, cryptic Queen has returned under the cleverly disguised username of Batfink.

It is if course, Anita (IamSonchild196)


Batfink - Radiance Salvation


There is a hidden message in there if you read it properly 😉

Sonchild is back as batfink

And above…

She also tells us about how our currency and it’s availability will evolve in the coming years:











Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

3 Thoughts to “1 To 52 And Radiance Salvation =”

  1. Mystic Meg

    I reckon anita would be good at palm reading or Tarot cards

  2. Numerical Chat Line 1 plus 1 equals 2

    A= 1 N=14 I=9 T=19 A=1 boils down to 44. Circle that and we’ll come back to that later once the second Thursday of next month has passed and the key has been delivered. Hotel California.

  3. 44/3


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