Rizzo On The Jizzo?

I’m not sure what he’s was doing here, and i’m not sure i want to, but if you watch it a couple of times, it doesn’t look like he’s ‘pretending’ shall we say.

Oh Jimbo, i know Vaughn’s dead, but come on….(no pun intended)


Credit to Hamilton for the following video:






**original link here














Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

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4 Thoughts to “Rizzo On The Jizzo?”

  1. Japesforlulz

    I’d say his cock looks like an overcooked sausage roll with the flakey skin and all.

  2. titnob

    ^ tosspot greggs eat out sausage roll

  3. Rory Rosenblumenthalovich

    Kosher Greggs sausage rolls to be precise.

  4. More like Halal Greggs sausage roll

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