Da Foxman Gottta New Graft Yo! ( Edited)

You’re probably thinking ‘what the bloody hell is that title’ and no, i’m not drunk, and no, i’ve not been smoking the Jamaican woodbine.

I was just trying to get with the new Foxmanshawn/Ayyone Battlecam feel bro (hmm, sorry)

Because now, after being banned from every other casting site out there, the Fox seems to have made BC his new home. And with a new home, goes a new job.

It’s all looking up for the Wiley Fox.



Hmm. This kind of environment just doesn’t seem to fit as well for the Fox as it does Ayyone and others. Back to back music and being passed out for 4 hours at a time isn’t what Battlecam is about to me.

But if miracles do happen, and he manages to keep his penis in his pants, you never know, maybe he will grow in to it.

For now though, lets be hearing those Fox Facts and keep those ‘wooooooooooh’s’ coming G!


*On a more serious note, congratulations on being back in employment dude. A job’s a job at the end of the day.


**Update: The Fox has been sacked already!!

From Battlecam that it anyway. Obviously the beer kicked in and Fox became the drunken fuckwit he is after so many.

Credit to the person for sending the following video in via Facebook.




So alas, the idiot got himself banned from another casting site. Fox, what the fuck is up with you man?







Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets


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7 Thoughts to “Da Foxman Gottta New Graft Yo! ( Edited)”

  1. Baboultr

    Ayyones is too cringey for me lol btw I Told Shawn it looked like he had underpants on his head and he told me it was actually his t shirt anyway he got that ridiculous thing off his head in the end lol

    1. Wiley Coyote

      You mean it wasn’t underpants?

      1. Baboultr

        na he said it was his t shirt he put it on to prove it lol

  2. Ryan Hifi

    He loves saying that N word over and over for shock value – what a scumbag!

    1. Belvedere

      At least he’s not a pedophile like you.

      1. Ryan Hifi

        Classic – calling someone you don’t like a pedophile! it’s like on Oprah…you’re a pedophile! and YOU’RE a pedophile! You’re all pedophiles!

  3. Rusty Nail

    Ayyones one angry guy, Foxman just gets to pissed to even care.

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