Theresa Michellestacy Sweettears = Dumbass

She’s not one known for her intellect, or her wisdom or charm. More for being , as James Anderson quite brilliantly put it, a circle with a head on it.

So it’s no surprise she’s gone and fucked up again. Another “i’m not that name” case of complete retardation.

This was sent to our Facebook page via a private message this evening, and it proves what the person who sent it in, suspected for a while, that Sweettears on VL is also the pig, aka Michellestacy.


MichelleStacy is Sweettears


Now obviously, she’ll deny it. But why would she answer a question that she’s clearly read properly, yet is addressed to Sweettears?

But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time she has humiliated herself trying to deny she is another name. Remember us Doxxing her way back?

She still, to this day tries to deny that it’s her, even when all the evidence proves otherwise. Remember, she admitted several times that Michellestacy61 is her Twitter account. And she claimed that the name Theresa was just one she used on a game show on tv once…LOLOLOL.

So if that’s the case, why does she tweet people wishing them Happy New Year from Terri, John and her kids Collin and Michelle?




Michellestacy twitter doxx2


I mean, she clearly states her children are Collin and Michelle, so assuming John, this great English bloke she’s always going on about, is her fella, who is Terri? And why didn’t Michelle Snr wish @andersoncooper and @kathygriffin a Happy New Year when it’s coming from her own account?

Sound odd doesn’t it?

Well not really, because despite the pig desperately trying to convince people that she’s never been Doxxed, she was done up like a kipper on here and as much as she still to this day tries to deny that’s not her real name, it is.

So when she denies that’s she’s Sweetears, just remember, the big circle with a head on it, HATES being busted.

And rip her a new one till she ends up going on another 3 month cruise with John again ( remember that, lmfao)

Oh piggy piggy piggy, what fun you provide at times 🙂











Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets





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