Rizzo v Vera: The Boob Fallout

One thing everybody should learn when joining the Internet, is that mates aren’t like the mates you make in real life.

But poor old Rizzo still keeps paying for peoples VIP’s on VL, while thinking they really are his ‘friends’

The latest ‘friend’ to shit on him is the poison dwarf Veronika.

As i wasn’t recording at the time, i’ll explain what happened, before you get to see the rest for yourself. Apparently Rizzo had bought Vera a months VIP, and they had been getting along fine.

What i did see then, was Vera hang up on a Skype call with Rizzo, only to Skype Rizzo back shortly after. As soon as Rizzo answered the call, she said “this is for the VIP” and pulled her right tit out and started playing with her nipple.

Not a nice sight, but to give Rizzo credit, he cut her off as quick as he could. This is where i started recording, and as you would expect, Rizzo wasn’t a happy chappy 🙂


He does make me giggle when he goes on his rants lol. But as much of an idiot he can be at times, he was completely innocent with this one, so if Scruff decides on some retrospective banning, i hope it’s vinegar Vera she bans, and not Jimbo.

She tried to claim she didn’t know she was on cam, but even if that’s true, why would you just Skype somebody, not even say hello, just straight away, pull your tit out and say “this is for the VIP” lol?

He can be paranoid a lot of the time, but i think he was spot on here. She was obviously trying to get him in trouble, as she has been warned by the Scruff many times about getting her saggy old udders out, so she knew full well what would likely happen by doing it.

Vera is poison. And if she’s willing to do this to somebody who pays for her VIP, what would she do to her so called friends who give her nothing?

There’s not a much better site than a lovely breast being fondled and caressed, just not when it’s 70+ years old and droops like Santa’s sack 🙁















Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets




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8 Thoughts to “Rizzo v Vera: The Boob Fallout”

  1. bacon buttie

    Rizzo asked her to do that then rang her knowing she would for the views.

  2. bacon buttie

    vera did not even know he was casting it is his own fault not telling her he does that with no ones permission.

    1. Huh? She was on his Skype with him minutes earlier, so how can she not have known he was casting lol?

  3. SorryCharlie

    Um, isnt this the guy who has played porn several times resulting in him being banned several times on VL? And NOW he’s worried about being banned? Yeah…you know, I dont care about this idiot.

    1. You are right. That’s why i said in the OP that for once, he was innocent in this one. We all know Rizzo can be a dick, but you have to give the true story as it happened, and in this case, she tried to fuck him over.

  4. falseteeth

    Maybe now we know who jizzo has been wanking over, vera was getting ready on command when rizzo rings and got her tit out but vera did now know he was casting lol

  5. bigballsmagoo

    vera did not know he was casting she thought it was private skype call.
    but rizzo casting it, serves him right the old bastard.

  6. Hmm. That theory is thrown out by two simple facts. In the video, you can clearly hear her say ” well it didn’t show up in the chat did it” also the fact that she was talking to him on minutes earlier kind of proves she knew he was casting and putting his calls on cam.

    Plus, you only have to look at the latest post on Scutt’s to see who was behind it lol.

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