Foxman Says Sorry

This is the Woodshed’s post really, but i just thought i’d give my two pence worth.

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Now, i admit i called it wrong about him losing his job, and i may well be calling this wrong too, but to me, it’s an exact copy of what he used to do to Warrrbuck. Pretend to be all sorry, claim he was really interested in what Warrr was saying, then suddenly, bang!

An obscene rant about what an asshole Warrr is and how he was only trolling him etc etc…

But! Is he a racist? Is he anti-semitic?

Is he balls!

Yes, he’s a nasty drunken asshole. Yes, he’s often going around shouting Nigger.

But, no, he’s not a racist, not a real one anyway.

Due to the time difference in Canada and here in the UK, i used to catch more of Foxman on his 5 am casts he used to do before work. These were the casts where he would be drinking nothing but coffee and was sober as a judge.

These were the casts where you would see the REAL Foxmanshawn.

The Foxman that would be on Blab, joined by several black women (and some black guys) who loved him to bits. I even have a video somewhere of him talking to a Jewish guy on there one day. There no was no hate, no ” i hate Jews” spurting from his lips. Just a normal, pleasant conversation where colour, race or religion is completely irrelevant.

Would a REAL racist even want to talk to a black person? Would a REAL anti-semite spend an hour having a normal conversation with a Jew?

So no, Foxman isn’t a racist. An idiot when he’s drunk, definitely, but not a racist.











Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets



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3 Thoughts to “Foxman Says Sorry”

  1. Rusty_Nail

    Good luck Shawn, just seen the real you being open and sincere and hope everything works out for you. You have support out there, it takes a lot for you to say what you said on the video. All the best for the future.

  2. Baboultr

    It Does feel weird watching Shawn do a video like this,But I guess its a video he had to do with everything thats happened with him recently.

    But He is a good guy and I`ve said this before and I`ll say it again even though he used to get drunk as hell atleast he still went to work that is what i respect him for, as there is a lot of drunks that we know on here who don’t work at all atleast Shawn actually did work and I hope he finds another job in the near future good luck Shawn!


  3. Utah

    He played this video on his FireTalk show last night, September 3rd, 2016, the proceeded to get dead drunk. Classic FaxMaaaaaanShawwwn!

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