MonkeySniffer – RIP (Updated)

You would think that after two very public humiliations, the Sniffy boy would at least research properly what he was posting. Appears not.

Now remember him claiming that i am Darren Sayward and i live at Ledburn Court Hulme and he has pictures of my daughters ( bit pervy i know). Well all along, i knew too well who that face belonged to,  if not so much the surname.

But just as i was about to type in the last Sniffy post ‘ search around this blog, you’ll see who that really is’ , we discussed leaving it as that, just to see what lulz he would come up about this criminal record that this Darren Sayward has.

And what a masterstroke it was. Because while Sniffy was indeed searching this blog, his hatred towards the Wintard tragedy overtook any common sense, and he totally missed the posts that would of explained it all 🙂

So, lets dissect Sniffy boys recent post.


Sniffy does it again


Ok, lets start with his ‘agenda’ that he knew about from the beginning//pm 5501442 .

How you get an agenda from making a RIP post about a popular caster is beyond me. Or maybe he still thinks i’m in on the this gofundme conspiracy he claims is happening?

Lets move along…

Sniffy does it again1

These screencaps he’s grabbed from here

But i’ll let you read the post, then you’ll see how he’s so desperate to hide the fact he has young girls pics on his pc, he tries to claim it was ‘sleazy’ lol

Sniffy does it again2

Ok, here’s a classic cock up from Sniffs.

You see this name Darren Sayward, who he convinced himself was in fact me, is an old VL caster who went by the name of Soultrain.

More info about Soultrain, DiscoDave, Angie2013 and several others is written here

But it was this post that Sniffs dearly overlooked. Because in it, he would of seen that this blog all started when Richard Swann, Shazed Ahmed, John Crosby, Ryan Carr, and Thomas Barnes, aka the UKInvasion, used to have a bit of a war with the other guys, Soultrain, DiscoDave etc.

Now, i don’t know fuck all about casting, i’ll be honest. But i am good at IT shit, ie Webhosting, Server management and security etc.

So watching this ongoing battle between the two lot, and watching the UKInvasion constantly trying to get the others banned from VL and censored, i offered to make a blog for them.

They gave me caps and vids, i uploaded and took care of the site.

Oh dear Sniffs, IF only you would of done your search just that little bit extra 🙂

Sniffy does it again3

LOL. The Ryan he is refering to is Ryan Carr, aka CKA Ryan. A strange lad that had an obsession with having sex with dogs.

‘Soultrain was totally in love and lusting for Winatrd’

You really couldn’t make this up. I don’t think Soultrain ever spoke to Winard apart from maybe in RM’s cast?

Totally in love?

Anyway, lets have some more….

Sniffy does it again5


Sniffy does it again6

We seeing a trend here?


One minute he’s accusing Soultrain of being in love with Wintard, then shows pics of other female casters that i blogged about way after the blog was about UKInvasion and the Soultrain and the others stopped coming here?

Make your mind up Sniffs.

Sniffy does it again7

And finally, after a bit more rambling, he say’s goodbye.

Not before this LOL 🙂

Sniffy does it again8

I’m sure Darren Sayward aka Soultrain will be chuckling in his pants when he reads this.

Not sure who’s ‘lost’ here though 😉

Sniffy does it again9

He may well do, although i highly doubt it 🙂

Oh Sniffy boy, when your sources of information are MichelleStacy, this is what happens.

This boy just loves a jolly good public humiliation, and it’s almost sadistic now 🙂

Before you quit for good, please do run that ‘criminal history’ you have on me, just for the final nail.

Thanks 🙂


When you have been trodden in to the floor, there is only one option left for poor Sniffy boy is to do what he does best, and start Photoshopping images to try and cover his errors.

Sniffy wrong doxx

Which seems to have been deleted now. But from what the guys in the dwelling were saying, was a fake Darren Sayward Twitter image.

Then he apparently started posting pics of Soultrain on VL with a ukmuppets banner, and claiming that was his ‘proof’ that his story was correct lol.

You couldn’t make this up, really 🙂

If only poor Sniffy boy had done some REAL research, before embarrassing himself even more 🙂

Sniffy wrong doxx1

** Taken from here

Back then, Richard Swann and Ryan Carr, pissed that they couldn’t get Soultrain and the others banned, decided to start posting pics of Soultrains kids all over VaughnLive.

So even when they all stopped casting and moved on to other things, i promised them that i would keep all the UK Invasions antics public.

Soultrain, some guy called MJ -something and a couple of others used to post on here all the time, and each of them plugged the blog when they did casts.

Poor Sniffy.

Then we have Scuttlebutt, once again making his annual idle threats 🙂

Scutts mad lol

What this translates to, is “I liked your blog until you refused to attack Shawnio, Irelands Patriot and Ryan Hifi, just because we don’t like them”

“i told Billy Cesspool in an email that Muppets should keep his big mouth shut”

Which translates to ‘stop having a go at my staff’

Which is ironic, as it was only a couple ago, somebody claiming to be Scuttlebutt sent me this via the contact form:

Scutts email

Now, anybody could fill out the form and enter a Scuttlebutt email address and pretend to be him. But we all know Scuttlebutt and Packer have history so to speak.

Oh, and talking of keeping big mouths shut, maybe you should of thought of that yourself when you had your last Blog taken down, and you did a James Packer on it, but rushing to post the new WordPress blog address in your crapchat, before you even enabled Clouflare, therefore revealing your sites IP and hosts 😉

Fancy going back to American webhosts after what i have told you.

Tick Toc dear Scutts 🙂

So there you go folks, Sniffy Boy has been crushed beyond repair, all their crapchat will be left with is the same old Soultrain pics and maybe a few underage girls pics thrown in, repeated day in day out.

Our job is done here.


Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

10 Thoughts to “MonkeySniffer – RIP (Updated)”

  1. 14 Grosmont, Monmouth, Gwent NP25 5UF 07077425133

    MonkeyFaggot is out of his depth, he should stick to posting childish photoshops of Shawnio. He’s probably the worst blogger that ever existed and the creepiest! The dude is almost as illiterate as James Fudge Packer and The3BrainCells. Hell, even Paquet’s posts are better written.

  2. Nicole Shrout

    TBH, I think Monkey Sniffer is a bit of a cunt

  3. StandingOntheShoulderOfGiants

    OMG, some of these people over at scuttles seem to have major hard ons for a lot of people it seems inlcuding yourself Karl, even if the information is wrong, they think it’s 100% true,right and gloat in what they think is the truth.

    well they are totally wrong, granted we all can say we have had our own little infactuations with “X” casters, whether they are doing something right or wrong, but what they say and do at scuttles is borderline creepy.

    Look at the love/hate they have for shawnio, ok he is a bit weird and he has a criminal record for shoplifting with other youngsters when he was 16, and because of this they label him as a peado, well thats totally wrong and out of order tbh, many people (including myself) have mates/friends who are either younger or older, infact my best mate is 3 years younger than me and i’ve known him since the day he was born.

    But i bet if it was me that got caught shoplifting with said mate, and the scuttles lot found this out, i guess the rule of the thumb would mean that i too would be a peado.
    Thats how their little stupid idiotic minds work over at that scuttles blog, if it’s not right they will make people think it’s right.

    what a bunch of pathetic dicks they all are!!

    keep up the good work darren, errr i mean karl ;D

  4. Endoftheline

    We all know the Scuttle’s crew is a toxic one. They love nothing more than to look for the smallest reason to try and start shitdox people. Seeming as this latest feud stems from the tragic death of a young woman, I’d suggest you don’t bother feeding the cunts anymore, it’s just not worth it at all.

  5. Yeah, i agree. I think Sniffy has been humiliated beyond repair now. RIP Sniffy.

  6. Rusty_Nail

    oh Dear i see that Monkey sniffer has been shown up yet again, he’s a fool and as for there attempts over at scuttles to get people who visit UK Muppets to follow scuttles like lost sheep in disliking over casters just because they do, its now how they do things.
    Over at UK Muppets you can have a laugh, its more chilled non of that wanna be gangster crap

  7. Good to see Scuttlebutt come out and admit that it was him that contacted us here wanting info on James Packer.

    But you have to laugh at their refusal to ever admit they cocked up. This Soultrain and pics from his cast years ago is classic Scuttlebutt these days. They rush in, make a post, get made to look idiots, create this illusion that they couldn’t possibly be wrong,and the whole world is lying, everybody is corrupt, anything, but admit in their minds the fact that they are wrong.

    Cesspool even claims in his latest video, that, and i quote, ” i won’t believe Wintard is dead until i see her corpse”

    There really is no help for these guys anymore.

    Oh, and Scutts sir, if by me not replying to your request is what you mean by ‘i wasn’t stupid enough to fall for it” then sorry to piss on your parade, but let me explain how the contact system works compared to yours.

    OK, when somebody fills in the Contact form, it sends an email to the soultrain97@gmail address. That account then bounces it on it an annonymous email addy, which then in turn bounces it on again to my personal Torguard email address.

    Which is why i never reply to emails sent from the contact form. You can ask anybody who’s ever used that way of contacting us. It’s also why i tell people if they need to talk to me, to use the PM feature in our chat box.

    The contact form is just a way of people being able to send in video’s/pictures anonymously. Not for 2 way email conversations.

    So by not replying to you, it wasn’t a case me falling for anything, i just don’t want you, or anybody else for that matter, having my own email address.

    Still, nice for James to know that he is seen as as “spacker” not only on here, but by the blog owner he defends.

    Expect a 40 minute YouTube video now by Packer explaining that UFO’s made Scuttlebutt say that, and because Mark Vaughn altered some css on his header it made Sniffy turn retarded.

    Only over at Scuttlebutts!

  8. just a heads up “I know a neighbour that doesn’t like you” is scuttlebutt’s classic Motus Operandi, he has now said the same shit verbatim about me, ned, frank, foxmanshawn, joe walsh, angela and sexychris

    I think when he gets frustrated his only way of amping up the pressure is to say he “personally knows someone” pertaining to the situation.

    he really does have the intelligence level of a small child sometimes., it’s a good way to know when you are really bothering him.

    I find it hilarious how he uses cookie cutter replies when he gets really mad.

    I can literally show you the same shit he has said about practically everyone that challenges him

  9. I have to admit, you sure do pontificate so well it’s really bothering him alot.

    he really does feel extremely betrayed and the email from him was absolutely hilarious

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