Zelda: Blame Jack Lee For Likliks Arrest

For those who missed last nights LikLik ” i’m going to murder my family” evening on VL last night, i’ll give you a quick recap.

Basically LikLik and Zelda broke up again (shocker) and LikLik went a bit retarded and was playing with knives all night, making all sorts of threats, that he was going to murder his Mother blah blah blah. Just the usual LikLik when he’s split up from his woman.

We’ll join the action towards the end, just before the Police pay him a visit 🙂



Then we get to the stand off, so to speak…


Not much after all the build up, but the strangest part of the night was Zelda blaming the nights episode on JackieLee having LikLik on webcam during her morning cast?


Oh eck. so for future reference, try to avoid going on a Skype video call with JackieLee, or you too might end up going bonkers and wanting to kill your parents 🙁

Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

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2 Thoughts to “Zelda: Blame Jack Lee For Likliks Arrest”

  1. Baboultr

    My God these two people seem like weirdos, Especially liklik he looks like a Pedo Version of Jesus.

  2. Joanna

    Take her back Vaughn she’s nuts dosent make me want to stay on ivlog the drama whore and Weirdo stopped in her cast today will never go back she’s bonkers and talk shit.

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