SexyChris: New Meltdown/Cash For Welsh Rare Bits


Thanks to Candyman for the latest meltdown compilation from Christopher, who when faced with ‘Angelporngate’ went bat sh*t crazy (yeah, must be awful being accused of leaking video’s when only 1 other person could of done it)

It’s highly edited so make of it what you will, but Angel is not a happy chappy at all about the video’s that we shall no longer talk about 😉



Once again, all credit to Candyman from the Dwelling for the video.


Also Credit to the Amy from the Dwelling for this recording. Watch as Chris offers to sell his friends c*ck video for “cash upfront”

Obviously, he was only joking right. Chris is definitely NOT the type of guy who would release naked video’s of people.









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6 Thoughts to “SexyChris: New Meltdown/Cash For Welsh Rare Bits”

  1. Baboultr

    Lmfao These are the Chris videos I love the most Hopefully we can get more! 😀

  2. Amywarbis

    He records me as well.

  3. Raging Bull

    Chris always go’s in a rage when he knows he is in the wrong, tries to blame everyone else lol, you know straight away as he shouts over everyone then just go’s full on rage. Man up Chris you bog girls blouse 😉

  4. LucasAid

    See, alot of people will be totally unaware of the actions of chris lately since the earlier problem he had in the year with the police and also the various bans he recieved from whatever site he as on.

    Chris has been upto his old tricks recently, having major tantrums with anyone on skype or via phone who would cheerfully give him the time of day all because he could not get his way one way or another.

    And what does he do to get over this? Just blocks people on skype who tell the truth to his face, what a daft selfish bastid! 😉

  5. Two-faced-chris

    Two faced Chris, Never guilty for anything HE DOES, LOLZ

  6. theblamer

    and chris blames everyone else for recording while recorded 24/7 idiot he is.

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