Lets All Laugh At Sniffy Boy

We know the Sniff is a few eggs short of an omelette, but Jesus Christ, even for the laziest blogger ever to live, he’s gone and outdone himself with the IP doxx post.

I was watching and recording IP on Ivlog last night, and when somebody was trying to troll him by posting some random names and pictures, IP was sarcastically doing an impression of United American, with his comments regarding the ‘doxx’

Only Sniffy could of honestly thought he was on to something with this one, seriously.

And not only did he think he was on to something, he went and made a post about it too LMFAO!




demanded a Skype call’ …Jesus Wept! Go and watch the video and you can clearly see IP is doing an impression of Pat UA when he’s replying to this.

What Sniffy failed to add to his post was the how the so called ‘doxxing’ happened.



This was how it started. In the crap chat, Sniffy boy posts the Facebook account of somebody called Dylan Mahon, this guy:


Yeah, sure looks like IP 😉

But notice Sniffy say’s ” IP having a bad day?”

“but it’s about to get alot worse”

So the Sniff boy doxxes some random bloke on Facebook, then say’s he KNOWS it’s not IP?

I’m glad you told us that, i was convinced he looked just like IP 😉

Hmm, not quite sure it was IP who’s day was going to get a lot worse their Sniff 😉



“the denial runs out of him like warm piss”




Scuttlebutt must be pulling his hair out…….

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3 Thoughts to “Lets All Laugh At Sniffy Boy”

  1. Super Glue

    hahahaha Seriously that Sniffer has sniffed something as its clearly messed with his brain cells, he actually believes the crap he comes up with as well.

  2. JeremyKylesRemovedcancerousTesticle

    You know when you do a cringe when you have realised you fucked up? We all have beent here, right?

    Just imagine how bad Sniffy boy is cringing lately, lol. The thick cunt is grasping at so many straws and fucking up so bad it has reached a whole new level.

    Hey Sniffy boy, give it a rest mate, you are just going to make yourself look like more of a tit, there is 0 to be gained at this point.

  3. Baboultr

    This is the reason I Could not stop laughing Karl the fact that they thought we were actually being Serious haha

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