MonkeySniffer Revealed? (Updated)

Just like Mrs Roper and James Packer before her, Sniffy let the anger overrun her common sense and went and doxxed herself lol.

In case you have never visited Scutttles blog and watched Sniffy before, she is the not only the laziest blogger i’ve ever come across, but the most sensitive.

So when IP started mocker her, all that was going through her head was revenge. And alas, it was that rage and quest for revenge that just fucked up her anonymity.

* Credit to Shawnio for the following images:

When Shawnio first posted the picture below in our chat box, he claimed it was MonkeySniffer.




But at the time there was no explanation of where this was from or how there was any proof that it was indeed Sniffy.

But! Then like the sensitive soul she is, IP started taunting her in our chat, and as sure as day, Sniffy got mad and went all out to Doxx IP.

But in her anger, what she forgot to do, was to blank out her Facebook login from the screencap before she uploaded it lololololol…



Oh dear. Janice P 🙂

Although she did realise her error and swiftly deleted that image, replacing it with this:


So, is Sniffy Janice Pennycook?




The only possible doubt is the fact that the Facebook image on the IP shots isn’t what she is using now. But she could always have deleted that image of course, once she knew she fucked up.

But the net is closing in Sniffy, your full doxx will be on here soon….

Tick Tock…..


Thanks to the person for contacting us via our Facebook page, we have a correction to make to the original post.

This image is in fact Julie Pennycock:


Who has an uncanny look of Mrs Roper…



And her Boyfriend John Head:

Just to clear up any confusion over the difference in age lol.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

7 Thoughts to “MonkeySniffer Revealed? (Updated)”

  1. MonkeySniffer Has Downs Syndrome

    MonkeySniffer would have been gloating and taunting us if that wasn’t her dox. She’d have been calling us all retards and would have been spamming photoshops. She’s acting the exact same way that Packers and Roper did when they were doxed. They’re like rabbits caught in headlights and don’t know what to do LMAO

    Check these out


  2. RIP Scuttles Blog

    LOL Janice is so mad

  3. JanicePennyCock

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *takes a breath* ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    It was only a matter of time eh, Sniffy, you fat ugly dike looking bitch!?!?!

    You see what happens when you pick the wrong fight, become emotional and obsessed and just can’t let it go? You fuck up right? AND YOU FUCKED UP BAD, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Your online persona as ‘Monkeysniffer’ is now Kaput and I GUESS your real life is about to get very, very bad too 🙂

    It should be fun to watch IP and UKMuppets own you in the future


  4. Avid Blog Reader

    MonkeySniffer was inconsequential until she started this stupid vendetta against UKMuppets. And because of what? A Wintard RIP post? I’m not surprised she is a huge walrus looking beast with a bee in her bonnet. Jealousy can be a self destructive emotion and thats exactly what has happened. I can’t think of any other reason why It would make her so mad? Someone from a Social cam site died, UKMuppets reported it and she loses her shit?!?! Scuttles was a pretty decent blog until Miss Roper and Butt Sniffer got their claws in. It’s a shadow of it’s former self. People are slowly but surely distancing themselves from it… Keep doing what you do. Lurkers like me appreciate the updates with a fairly unbiased view that isn’t the same bullshit rehashed a million times over. It’s not all hate – hate -hate. Even if you are this Darren guy no one really gives a fuck! We just enjoy the posts 🙂 Keep doing your thing.

  5. Twinkle Toes

    Janice has more double chins than Michellin man, whats even more disturbing is some of the post she wrote for a woman to come out with stuff like that, she’s one sick vile human being.
    The Net is closing in on you Janice you sad hag

  6. 666666

    Shit I always thought monkeysniffer was a dude oh well she does look more like a he then a she anyways lol

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