Adambro: I’ll Never Eat A Boston Doughnut Again

I’m so glad this dude came back to casting. Maybe it’s just my English sense of humour, but he has me creased with every cast he does.

It’s common knowledge that Adam cringes at the slightest thing related to homosexuality. So watch his classic response when some guest suggests that he stole the ‘it is what it is’ catchphrase often used by Joker444.



But his opinions didn’t stop at Joker. He also gives us his views on Sarah62 and Jackielee.


Isn’t he just brilliant 😉

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2 Thoughts to “Adambro: I’ll Never Eat A Boston Doughnut Again”

  1. Twinkle Toes

    He is funny as times, The rug babies comment even though nasty made me laugh as you could tell how offended he was, Take it he dont like 62 and Jackielee then.
    As for the doughnut phobia, seek professional help Adam 😉

  2. SorryCharlie

    The guys another worthless caster. Not funny. Not interesting. Quick to ban like the bitch he is. Can you blog about someone interesting? Thx.

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