Wintards Death Officially Confirmed

I think any sane person knew her sad passing was true when her own Grandmother, and Aunties confirmed it on Facebook.

But, then again, you still had the ones that are so full of hate if anybody except themselves gets any form of praise or kind words said about them, that were publicly accusing her family of making it all up and scamming your money from you.





Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material39


Once again, Sniffy boy, by far the laziest journalist i’ve ever seen blog, could’t see what was right in front of his eyes..

Good job David Sponheim could!


So as any non-hate filled human being already knew, her Grandmother was not lying. Nor were her Aunties trying to scam your cash on gofundme.

So then Sniffy Boy, so Scuttlebutt, i take it her family can expect the same publicity you gave this tragic death, but this time in an apology?

I mean, any decent blogger will apologise for their mistakes. We all make them from time to time.

Just like i did recently on the FoxmanShawn sacked story.

Just like i will to the circle with a head on it if, and if, she can prove i got the her and Sweetears story wrong.



Winter was popular with nearly every caster on JTV and VL. But don’t let your rage get in the way of facts eh.

Embarrassment does that ;-


Sniffy boy…sorry to make a fool of you again, but the fat pig has talked about her days as a drug addict on numerous casts, but hey, whatever Sniffs say’s is correct 😉

It’s gotten to the stage where they don’t even know what each other has said, it really is quite sad to watch now.

We had Cesspool claiming Theresa hasn’t claimed that she never comes here, despite it being in certain posts on here, and her even having to correct him later in the crapchat.

Now, we have Sniffs, destroyed yes, but that’s no excuse, to never have heard fatso talking about her sleazy history.

Good god!

Still, it’s always good to see that irony is not lost on the broken one…


Now maybe Wintard can be laid to rest, and her family not have to live with the tag of being scammers and mourn in peace!

Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

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25 Thoughts to “Wintards Death Officially Confirmed”

  1. 4goneconsplusion

    It’s amazing how childish MonkeySniffer reacted over you criticizing how he acted over Wintard’s death, and Scuttlebutt not only allows it but also joins in with attempting to dox you, OVER A SIMPLE OPINION OF HOW MONKEYSNIFFER ACTED. They really are a highly sensitive bunch, eh?

    Scuttle’s, your blog has reached a new low, mate.

  2. William Poole ESQ.

    When did I ever say that Michelle claimed that she never came here? I, in fact, said that with relation to the context of your embarrassing fuck up on your clips of the week post she had not been claiming to never come here in the CONTEXT of that screen cap. Again CONTEXT is everything sweetie pie. But I guess when you need to drum up some drama for views CONTEXT and FACTS mean little to you. All that maters is your agenda.
    Apology? For what? Why should anyone apologize for saying that perhaps Wintard was another faked death for profit or attention? Apologize for asking questions about a topic we all know is touchy? When exactly did any of us at Scuttle Butts Corner claim Wintards family were scammers? We merely asked the questions looking for answers. No one ever took advantage of a death to make some $$ We just found certain aspects of the situation odd and asked questions.
    Maybe if you took time off from being butt hurt you might ask a few questions yourself and maybe not have to apologize for getting it wrong so often.
    Oh and you have yet to apologize to me for getting it wrong during your clips of the week post. But I guess that butt hurt from being critiqued and busted for being a fail blogger and not checking your facts or even the context will keep you from doing that eh?

    1. Billy, maybe you need to look at that screenshot again. Because that was exactly how it looked when i took it. Now just because it’s like North Korea at your blog and in your crapchat in that the slightest form of criticism is immediately deleted and the person banned, that is not my fault.

      If anybody came to the crapchat at that same time as i did, they would of seen the exact same image. Now as blind as you may be going sir, even you must of noticed somebody had deleted this ‘chat with Shawnio’ you claimed you were referring to. I mean, did anybody actually see it?

      Maybe if you adjust your glasses, you will also notice i wrote about fatso’s claims of never coming here further below. This was sarcasm, because the who world and his dog knows piggy constantly claims she never visits this blog, so why on earth would somebody even come out with a comment such as ‘where does michelle say she never visits ukmuppets’

      As for the Wintard story, we’ll let the people who have seen what you guys type over their decide what you have and haven’t claimed. Remember the ‘DOXX’ you claimed was the person running the gofundme? It was a 10yr old girl ffs. I think maybe Sniffy may need his eyes testing too.

      As for the apology in the clips of the week, sure, once you send me the genuine screencap of this ‘convo with Shawnio’ you claim was happening that led to your response.
      And if you don’t have it, maybe you should have a word with the ever so sensitive Mods over there for deleting the messages just because somebody is not kissing your ass.

      Anything else we can do for you?

      1. ryan_hifi

        complete lack of empathy and remorse is a sign of being a sociopath Mr. Cesspool

      2. IP

        Funny they say you made it up for views and drama when they have a simple screenshot of wintard in a skype conversation posting a video of her and her girlfriend, and this conversation was taken as “proof” if people perving on her. If that isn”t a complete nonsensical lie for views then idk what is. Lol

        1. They are cracking buddy, it’s great. Sniffy is the weak link in them, i reckon another two weeks of making him look a dick (which isn’t hard) and it will be the ultimate lulz 🙂

    2. “Apology? For what?”

      A lesson imparted to me by my elders was as follows: If you have the slightest feeling that an apology is in order, make it. It didn’t matter if the other party was off base or not, if their nose was out of joint, you simply said “I’m sorry” and moved on. It doesn’t cost you anything.

      “Why should anyone apologize for saying that perhaps Wintard was another faked death for profit or attention?”

      Stating the belief that a death is a scam is risky business. If you are right, you look like a genius, but if you are wrong, you come off looking like a total fucking asshole. In light of what is known at this time, it would seem that a clear and succinct apology would be the wisest course of action. This mentality of ‘circling the wagons’ in the face of adversity is not doing the scuttle blog any favors. More importantly and to the point, it is not doing you, Mr Pool, any favors. Like it or not, we are judged by the company we choose to keep. There are certain individuals at Scuttle’s blog that are simply immune to any form of enlightenment or instruction. Do you wish to be counted among them?

      This issue could be put to bed by Monkeysniffer simply writing something along the lines of “Hey, she’s dead, I was wrong, my apologies.” His singular inability to acknowledge that he is one iota less than omniscient does not play well outside of his home turf. Perhaps that is the only audience he is interested in. If that is the case, then his behavior makes very sad sense.

      “Apologize for asking questions about a topic we all know is touchy?”

      Well, yeah. Since you have (correctly) defined this as a ‘touchy’ topic, by definition it is the sort of topic that will, in all likelihood, call for an apology at some point, by one or more parties.

      This blog pissing match is unseemly and would be best put to rest in an expeditious fashion, As I posted elsewhere, it isn’t pretty.

      1. IP

        Those guys claimed VIkki death was a lie. They were wrong.
        They claimed raunchfox death was a lie. They were wrong.
        They claimed bradley”s death was a lie. They were wrong.
        They”ve also conjured up the lie that many a caster and viewer had died, simply because they hadn”t logged on in a few months.

        1. No! Scuttles got something wrong?

          You shitting me right? 😉

  3. JTVScuttleFAG

    HAHHA the scuttle fags owned once again. man they look so stupid right about now. them fags should just stick to posting dick pics

  4. oldfister

    Rest in Peace Wintard. Sorry this world failed you, I hope the pain is gone.

  5. ear

    Very sad. She will be missed. I can’t seem to read any of the screen shots because the text is too small and when I click on them it says “Content Protected”

  6. ScuttlebuttTaylor

    Why does ScuttleFag need a moderator army to protect him? Is he the biggest pussy on the planet? Literally everyone in Scuttle’s blog is a moderator.

  7. Nicole Shrout

    Are Scuttlebutt and Monkey Sniffer closet faggots? Why are they so obsessed with cocks? Scuttlebutt has become a laughing stock ever since he buddied up with Lardo’s clique of faggots and simpletons.

    Lardo – A fat creepy toothless butt hurt simpleton that’s obsessed with men half his age and spends all his time on a site he claims to hate. He even pays to access Vaughn. How stupid is he?

    Monkey Sniffer – An old pervert with a low IQ, and the writing skills of a child who pretends to be a monkey on cam sites to groom children. That’s when he’s not on gay porn sites or masturbating to his Shawnio photoshops.

    Michelle Stacy – A fat grotesque hate filled whore that’s Skype fucked most men on Vaughn and probably the internet.

    MrsRoper – A fat balding Autistic simpleton with Downs Syndrome, that was dumb enough to dox herself.

    James Packers – An illiterate pseudo intellectual that tried to troll Shawnio and ended up doxing himself. He also enjoys talking to himself in chat rooms. This guy is genuinely the stupidest person on the planet.

    Billybobcesspool – Here we have an ugly pedophile looking faggot slob that tried to pay a mentally disabled person to do sexual things for him on camera.

    Hipperz – Clearly brain damaged from years of substance abuse. He also looks like a pedophile.

    The3bairs – One word: Downs Syndrome.

    Scuttlebutt – One word: Gay.

  8. Baboultr

    Such a shame another young one has died, I never got the chance to speak to her I wish i could`ve as I was told she was a cool and nice person. R.I.P Wintard x

  9. Fudge Packer Hotline 07977425133

    does this monkeysniffer faggot have downs syndrome or something? imagine being illiterate and trying to write blog posts. how embarrassing is that?

  10. He’s the weak link in Scuttlebutts blog. i think another 2 weeks of embarrassing him and the whole pack of cards will come tumbling down 🙂

    This is the best fun since i used to fuck with CaliVal lol.

  11. Nobody Cares About Scuttlebutt Anymore

    Why is it these Scuttle fags do nothing but complain about beggars, yet half of them are in fact beggars?

    Wabbit = beggar
    James Packers = beggar
    MrsRoper = beggar
    Lardo = beggar

  12. How's Frank's Feet?

    I think when Monkey Sniffer gets doxed, I’ll dust off photoshop. I’m sure his family on FB will appreciate his head being photoshopped onto gay porn. Revenge is pretty sweet. Tick tock Monkey faggot. Your time of anonymity is coming to an end you nasty hate filled little pervert.

  13. honestly I never read any of these comments until today, now I understand why scuttlebutt’s chat seems to be having an anyeurism over all of this lately.

    This is really embarassing for you Scuttlebutt, post more dicks and maybe it will all go away LMAO

    1. Terri "Deep Throat" McQuaid

      That’s hilarious considering you posted most of these comments. You’re fucking sad, gimp.

  14. Jackielee

    Glad Wintards dead… Shes nothing but a dumb bitch

  15. ScuttleFag

    scuttlefag seem more butt hurt than usual lately

    someone needs to hand scuttlefag a rag, his pussy is bleeding eveywhere again

  16. as the days go on he becomes more and more self aware he is losing his grip on his relevance

  17. willywonkaschoclateplantation

    Fair play to ukmuppets, for standing up for the now deceased wintard ( may she rest in peace ) you’re a decent bloke!.Monkey sniffer is an immature fat old pig can’t stand the man.

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