Hardwood: I Quit!

It’s always a sad day when we lose a caster, but when Hardwood declared tonight that he is done with casting, and he’s quitting, speculation was rife amongst the VL family of nosey bastards as to who, or what, has brought the latest surprise departee:



Ooops! The recent fall of dear Hillary (in more than one way) has hit Hardwood hard (see what i did there).

Even just the thought of her not being able to win the Election has cost us the broadcasting excellence of another VL legend!

Those damn Trump supporters.

Ruining Social Broadcasting since 2016!


RIP the Hardwood show!

Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

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4 Thoughts to “Hardwood: I Quit!”

  1. Lamergate

    If true, then good riddance. I only hope the prick got trolled to fuck IRL.

  2. gaz


  3. 666666

    Oh dear a scrag gang member has quit what a great loss to casting boohoo its tragic. Poor GG she only has a couple of places where she can hide out safely and pretend she is the big I AM.

    No loss to casting anyways I find anyone who makes fun of a paralysed child which he caused hideous just like the others who joined in especially GG who said so what who cares. I am hoping the karma express gets this vile creature next.

  4. the funniest part is how scuttlebutt has been reduced to commenting on Uk Muppets posts because no one wants to talk about GG or Hardwood in his chat anymore, that shit is gold

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