ScuttlebuttsCorner: The Home Of The Mentally Ill

OK, i know i know, people are getting bored of all this we post/they post shit, and i did say i’d let them destroy their own blog with the same old posts day in day out.

But when i read Sniffy Boy’s latest collection of lulz, i couldn’t resist, sorry 😉

Ok, let’s start from the top shall we 🙂





Hang on, it was 17yr old’s Soultrain was supposed to be lusting over yesterday.

Oh well, moving on….


I’ve said before, Sniffy is the laziest blogger i’ve ever come across. Rather than research, or even look what’s right in front of him, he gets all his info from MichelleStacy and just bangs it out there….

Look here, that newspaper article is dated 10th November 2007. But Sniffy, he’s never wrong (lol) and claims that no, the paper is incorrect, it actually happened between 2012/2013.


Moving on…


I have no idea what the hell Sniffy has Photoshopped up here, but lets start with the top image. Who, unless they are trolling, puts their trade as disabled?

Then he highlights some mobile number he claims is Darren’s. Which is strange, as when i rang that number, expecting Soultrain to answer, it turns out, it is in fact a dead line.

Another Scuttle shocker!

Same for the bottom picture. what the hell is that even supposed to be lol?

Lets move on for more of Sniff’s first class journalism…..


You see what i mean about him not even seeing what’s right in front of his own eyes?

He is obviously referring to the recently deceased Wintard, with high on Meth shit.

So he’s claiming Soultrain used to take advantage of Winnie, while she was ” not only vulnerable emotionally but psychologically as well”

Hang on, aren’t they both the same thing?

But anyway, take this, added with Cesspool’s recent video where he claims Darren in fact used to Skype Wintard, and was in love with her etc, let’s see how she dealt with such an ‘obsession’


Hmm, yes, she sure sounds like a woman harassed by Soultrain doesn’t she.

In fact, the only people harassing her were the UKInvasion, but let’s not let facts get in the way eh 🙂

Then we come to best part.



Take a good look at those screencaps 🙂

Because the other day, they were insisting this is where Darren Sayward lives.


Then it changed to this:


What happened Sniffs, was the tower block to many flats to try and guess where he lived lol?

So what happened, did you get Billy to hold a pin and just stick it anywhere in the new pic of flats and claim that is it?

Look above at the two Electorol roll images and there is no number on there, so where did you guys pluck the number 46 from lol?


Same again.

Expect a photoshop later this evening with a 46 added in the Electoral Roll images 🙂


Then we come to more Photoshop ….


Why would Darren move? You can’t even doxx him?

But the big clue about how much Sniffy realises he’s embarrassed himself is his statement near the bottom…

I WIN….either way i could care less…

Then we have Scuttlebutt coming out with statements like this…



Seriously, useless Internet threats just make you look stupid. Employing people like Sniffy Boy to do your posts, make you look retarded.

Claiming i’m begging you to take posts down and i’m spamming your chat etc makes you look clinically insane.

Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized




6 Thoughts to “ScuttlebuttsCorner: The Home Of The Mentally Ill”

  1. why are you even replying to this,. you had such a good thing going then you went full retard, oh well. I swear there is something wrong with every single british person from the UK

    1. 666666

      as opposed to every british person from elsewhere lol

  2. clarence

    by the way your contact form emails to “soultrain” ya moron

  3. Yes. Always has. It then redirects the contact mail through an anonymous email addy, which then redirects to my email. This keeps all my details private.

    This has already been discussed elsewhere on here.

  4. yeah that doesn’t make any sense, you’re rationalization sounds just like something scuttlebutt would say.

    so let me get this straight, your contact email is 3 years old and they just recently called you out so I guess that means you have a pre cognition to make it that right, enough all right you look retarded the more you interact with them on this subject.

    you should have just kept your mouth shut now we have to listen to them yammer on and on about how they owned you.

  5. It comes from Scuttlebutts claim that the reason i didn’t reply to his request for more info on Packers was because ‘i wasn’t stupid enough to fall for it’

    I then explained that his contact request couldn’t be answered, just as nobody else who uses that method of contacting us ever has, because of how our contact system works, not because i believed he was wanting to help Packer in any way. He despises him. He was desperate to get rid of ‘spacker’ as he calls him, without being bullied into bringing him back again, so was hoping to to be able to justify to Lardo and Hipperz the reason for a ban for life.

    As for them ‘yammering on’ about how they owned me, that is the fun part of it all, it makes them look even more mentally unstable when they still try and deny all the fuck ups they make, even when it’s pointed out right in front of them.

    This is UKInvasion part 2.

    Enjoy 🙂

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