LikLik And Zelda’s New Home

After finally being released after his arrest, it was good to see LikLik in his new home he shares with on/off lover Zelda.

New home, plenty of food, and is he sober…..?




Nice Garage apartment you guys have. I’ll give it 2 weeks before there are holes everywhere and bottles of days old urine giving off that unique aroma 🙂

No seriously though, i do like LikLik and i like Zelda. But Zelda, you really shouldn’t of come out with all that 🙁










Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets










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4 Thoughts to “LikLik And Zelda’s New Home”

  1. dude

    its so refreshing to find a blog with up to the minute posts good man the karl.

  2. short answer, the guy who is giving that garage to liklik has stated no drugs or alcohol on his property, he knows how liklik gets when he’s intoxicated, he doesn’t want trouble from the neighbors complaining about noise, he doesn’t want property damage and doesn’t want his address in the paper for a drug bust

  3. zelda

    zelda is a very horrible person, calling kids retarded, fucking over liklik

  4. here is a free tip, no one gives two flying fucks about Lik Lik or Zelda,. whats next Realmanpwns posts, come on man, quality over quantity

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