Clips Of The Week – Ending 25-09-2016

With all the casting sites dead still (until opens) there really isn’t much happening at all i’m afraid. But hey ho, you can always find the odd bit’s and bobs to kill the boredom.

This week we have DrunkJim visiting the blog, a bit of fun with Sexychris, and Adambro makes a return once again and we find out who is the mind-numbingly boring JibJabber from the crap chat.




Batfink Splashes The Cash:


The Crap Chat JibJabber Is Revealed:

I was only thinking the other day, that the only person i know of that is over 8yrs old and finds JibJab videos entertaining was Shez Jackson. Remember this?

Well low and behold, didn’t old Ahmed go and fuck up again lol.


then after bragging that he’d jumped in and registered his username before ” some other cunt got it” the dumb fuck didn’t even refresh his guest number before he goes and posts these lol.



Poor Ahmed. But then again, he never was one for brains. Remember when he was fucking about with Soultrain’s, Boo’s,Griffs, and MJS’s  VL login details and didn’t even use a VPN 🙂

And when he got a final warning from Virgin Media for breaking the ToS lolol.

You will fit right in at Scuttlebutts Shezza 🙂

Lets Play ‘Guess The Next Sentence’ With SexyChris:

Gone are the days of the hmpph and the creaking door grunts. But Chris still has the odd stammer when he’s half cut. Lets see if anybody can correctly predict what he’s about to say next?

RichUK(aka NorthernMonkey) Poses For The Police:


RenegadeFaith Not Happy With The VL VIP Scam:


Crap Chat Show Their Superior Wisdom:


Intellect in it’s highest form!

DrunkJim: I’m Famous.

Good old Jim is rapidly becoming a bit of a cult figure on VL now. And the great Rum drinker himself found us while watching the video we uploaded of him here and seemed delighted for a change. It’s usually people screaming “get my f**king video of that blog now” lol.


We love Jim here. He’s honest, wise, and tells it how it is. Also he likes a good drink 🙂

Adambro Returns – Without Emma:

And finally, the legend of tales and myths, the DJ’ing Cop and Ladies magnet, aka Adambro, returned to our VL screens this week (thank god)

And with Adam, you are always guaranteed some bizarre stories that will cheer you up on a damp Sunday afternoon.



So in reality, Adam was dating a MichelleStacy lookalike who rinsed his wallet dry then dumped him.

Still, worse things happen at sea.

So until next time, take care, be safe, and no matter how bad life seems, remember, there really is somebody out there worse off than you 🙂

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3 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week – Ending 25-09-2016”

  1. half a cup

    Drunk JIm is cool, looks like Santa, says it how it is and does not take stuff serious.
    Lolz Adanmbro i only cheated twice, it looks like Adam as put on a few pounds since being away.
    Why are people still paying for VIP on Vaughn, they are giving you what they promised and never will
    So Mr $hez is to return to the screens, cant wait for the new dance moves.

    1. Anonymouse

      Sexychris is cooler. Please cover Sexychris more often.

  2. Adamho

    Lol, I missed Adam ranting while he looks into the camera like an autist. He has got fat too, pretty funny.

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