Babs Pops In To Say Hi To United American

To be fair to Pat, he didn’t ban Babs, which was pretty amazing considering the way he was pushing and pushing lol.

But just the mention of Irelands Patriot or Baboultr gets those blood vessels in Pat’s neck throbbing, and this occasion sounded no different 🙂

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“now you listen here boy” lol, Pat would make a great School Tutor…..if his dear heart could take more than an hour with a class.

In all seriousness though, Pat does talk a lot of sense. It’s just that he gets sidetracked by trolls, then goes off on a rage that makes his original story forgotten about.

He is spot on about the US being a corporation with Obama being the CEO of the company that is the United States. He’s also spot on about the worthless currency and how the bankers scam you all.

But then he blows it all by spending the next 2 hours raging about whoever’s trolling him!









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One Thought to “Babs Pops In To Say Hi To United American”

  1. Baboultr

    hahaha Cheers Karl for this Gem! Last night was Brilliant we all went at him It was so funny. Im so happy you recorded this 😀

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