SexyChris Accused Of CP Again?

I have to hold my hand up here and admit it looks like i got it wrong on this one.

When somebody posted this screencap in our chatbox, i was more than convinced that it was a Photoshop.



If you take in to account no spelling errors. the dodgy lower ‘e’ at the ‘move’ in the first line, and the way it say’s ‘mom’ instead of mam, or mum, it stinks of being fake.

But then, somebody posted this audio clip, which is definitely Chris talking. My only niggling doubt is there is nothing to verify the date it was recorded. Is this a new clip, or is it from when he got arrested months ago?

The fact that he states he’s staying at his Mum’s swings it for me, so here goes, see what you think?

*Full Credit to the person who posted this in our chat for the audio:



What tickled me is the Police Officer changing the Wi-Fi password lol. Anybody who knows Linux could get that new password within minutes, so that’s hardly secure.

But whether this is new or from the original raid, i can’t be 100% certain. But if it is recent, it looks like there is definitely a Paedophile living somewhere in While Towers.









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4 Thoughts to “SexyChris Accused Of CP Again?”

  1. Not My Fault

    it might be recent as he says all that shit again, like its happened before, is it a coincidence its chris again. ? and if iti s someone in his block chris will know who else had his password.
    As always there be more to this, there always is with chris

  2. To be fair, i could hack his router password in minutes. Then if he changes the password, like the Police Officer is said to have done, it would take me seconds and i would have his new password again. Those who know their way around Linux will know what i’m talking about 😉

    So it’s possible that it was somebody in the block, if they had the know how. It’s well known within the ‘activist’ community that you never use your own router to carry out certain ‘work’ just in case your VPN company gets caught out somehow.

    However, having watched what’s going on since the release of that audio clip, there are one or two people that appear to be quite nervous and agitated at hearing the Police have his pc, so this could get quite interesting.

  3. Not My Fault

    Yes Karl i do think there will be a few nervous people out there, the hacking or as chris says him letting someone have his password is possible, and its also possible a certain someone who tried to set chris up before for a few thing and failed took a journey to Barrow and parked near chris’s flat and accessed this alleged site using chris’s IP and password as this person has the knowledge to do so.
    The truth will come out in the end.

  4. markgronan

    Why would i be nervous.

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