CherryBreeze – Would You Like To Come In?

Well she’s back, as crazy as ever! I missed the beginning of the cast as i was in a private cast with IP, but luckily Babs caught the whole thing.

We start off with her arguing with her neighbours, then rather oddly, she tries her hardest to entice a takeaway delivery man inside her flat…only the poor lad was not entering the lions den under ANY circumstances.

* Full Credit To Babs For The Following Videos.

But then it gets even more bizarre, when the Police arrive and Zoe turns full psychotic!

If that isn’t proof that she needs professional help, i don’t know what is. In fact, i reckon one more call out and the Police will apply for her to be sectioned for her own safety.

On a side note, hello Mr Officers, welcome to UKM 🙂









9 Thoughts to “CherryBreeze – Would You Like To Come In?”

  1. 666666

    Is that really a pic of Zoe, if it is I need to apologise to the people who said her teeth were gross as I thought it was just a case of sour grapes. They really are yuk and green. Havent listened to the recording yet will do that later.

  2. The_Maze

    Zoe could end up on a section 135 if she carries on like this . Probably safest thing if she is like this in her own home ,oh and welcome to the blog PC Plod

  3. RUBY

    If i had acted that way with the police we have they would have had me in handcuffs and in a cell … KunTz

  4. bottomline

    her neigbour only asked if she could ” turn the music down please zoe ” so god only know when the police arrive she told them he threatened to kill her, that is one dangerous women!!

  5. Babs

    Its just one thing after another with Zoe Elizabeth Green the Sket Of Bexley

  6. 666666

    I have to laugh so many of you all feeling sorry for Zoe and raging against Toby. To be honest I dont think Toby hit her or even threatened her. Zoe is a master of manipulation. I am not saying Toby is an angel but as for beating her black and blue I highly doubt it.

    This video does show how mental Zoe really is and yes I agree she needs help before she actually does harm someone or herself.

  7. anonymous

    cherry is a true nut job. she was gloating about having a golden shower from toby. she is highly dramatic and selfishly manipulative. she is a psychopath and needs to be institutionalized.

    1. RUBY

      ewwwww really ? ive missed out on so much :L

  8. scoobydoo

    Got to laugh how she calls someone else a drunken mess LOL, And she never gets issues with her neigbours what a filthy liar. the irony

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