Clips Of The Week Ending 30-07-2017

Was there a full Moon this week or something?

There’s been plenty of bitching going on, some pity party whining, a Dr Dre lookalike, and some very controversial debates taking place in Social Media land this last 7 days.

SexyChris: Poor Me!

First off, let’s get the self pity out of the way.

Self pity, who could that be you may ask?

I’ll give you a clue. He’s about 4ft 11, bone idle, a drunk, abusive, and is up in Crown Court charged with child porn offences.

Just how he can sit there and wail “why me” i’ll never know.

I wonder how those young children felt while they were being sexually and physically abused?

THEY have the right to ask “why me”

They are the real victims here, not some lazy, slobbering drunken mess who feels the World owes him because the Police had the cheek to take him to Court for downloading ( and although he denies it, probably watching) 22 indecent images of children.

It’s ironic, that the only person still defending Chris over all this is Beef_Finger, aka Happy_ Hippo, who is rumoured to have fell out with several of his old friends over perverted child sex talk.

A pattern here?


Happiegadappie: VL’s New Gangster?


When you live in the hood, and are one of it’s most feared bad boys, and are dripping in Gold, it makes sense that you would spend your free time casting on VL.

This dude is one cool cookie.

Although he could do with some more women around him if we are going to stay entertained.


Adambro: I Don’t Fancy Non Whites:

This is one of those points raised, where to a point, i agree with him.

Of course, each and every individual has the right to their own sexual preferences, and it is fully their choice who they date and don’t date (as long as they are old enough of course)

So although Adam maybe didn’t put it across the best way possible, i think he does have a point.

Is it racist to not fancy people from other races?

It got me thinking back to when i was younger and was out sleeping with any female that had a pulse.

And i can honestly say, i’ve never ever slept with a woman who wasn’t white. Or even fancied them if i’m being completely truthful.

So does that make me a racist?

Of course, you will have these left wing idiots who claim that not fancying girls that are from other races is being racist, but does that also make me Homophobic just because i don’t fancy men?


HollyGolightly v BeninOhio v RealmanPwns:

Oh dear, it appears the Millionairess is not happy that she isn’t getting her own way, despite all the money that she throws at getting what she wants!

I don’t know what exactly was the cause of it all, but this is what Ben has to say regarding Holly and his fallout.

The screencap that Ben has posted is referring to this:

We can’t confirm that the email is 100% from Holly, we only have Ben’s word for that, but she did carry on the drama in RealmanPwn’s room a day or two later.

*Holly is Hesterprynne:

Poor RM, stuck between money and one of his oldest friends.


Sarah62: I’m A Rogue Mod In Adambro’s Room:

It wasn’t just RM/Ben/Holly that were arguing this week.

Sarah62 had her say on the ongoing feud that herself and Adambro have, and claims that she has duped Adam in to Modding her in his channel.

Is she bluffing in an attempt to make Adam unjustly de-mod everyone in his room?

Or is this going to be the start of a new wave of drama to hit VL?


Liveandstreams – A Treat For The Lads:

And finally, we end the week with a treat for the boys (and some girls i guess).

How this cast didn’t get shut down by Scruffy is a miracle, but hey ho, you won’t hear us complaining 😉

No doubt MichelleStacy will be reading this and claiming that more men would fancy her than the beautiful, slim, blonde in the video.


Till next time, take care, be safe, and no matter how bad life seems, remember, there really is somebody out there worse off than you 😉







3 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week Ending 30-07-2017”

  1. Babs

    Happiegadappie looks like he’s come straight outta N.W.A !

  2. The Truth seeker

    I not sure if Happiegadappie is male lolz, plucked eyebrows earings both ears, maybe he is in touch with the feminine side.

    and yet again for the 50 + time chris plays the lets all feel sorry for him act, seen it over and over again with him, chris you downloaded that nasty pedo stuff no one else. You claim it was for a move, strange this excuse because what did you do phone the council and say he i downloaded child porn come move me. Your a constant liar, the courts will see through your lies.

    The post re ben in ohio realman and holly, why does that person look like monkey sniffer.

    he raises a valid point there adambro its not racist to want to go out with your own race, its a personnel preference

  3. 666666

    Didnt bother to look at the Chris video sick and tired of this little shit crying and blaming everyone else for what he does and has done. Cant understand anyone sticking up for him. He downloaded the child porn no-one else, the excuse of dong to get himself moved is like everything else he says a bucket load of excrement. Then he says he downloaded it but didnt look at it, hmmm how did he know it was child porn.

    The stripper will get Sarah62 angry as she is the one who usually takes it off to get attention and views. I take issue with the people preferring the slim blonde, some men like a bit of meat on the bone. Although of course no-one is mad or stupid enough to want Piggy Stacey but a lot of that has to do with her personality as well as her looks. I have seen a lot of nice looking women that wont break if the wind blew too hard.

    As for not dating outside your race/colour of course that is not racist like the comment above it is all personal taste.

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