SexyChris: Post Court Interview

As previously told here Chris appeared at Preston Crown Court on charges of production and possession of 22 indecent images of children.

While we know that no plea was entered for a 2nd time and it was adjourned to be heard on the 15th September 2017, back at Preston Crown Court, we hadn’t actually heard anything from Christopher himself.

So it was left to Banepwns, Babs, and Mark Gronan to give him a call and see if Chris was willing to answer any questions regarding the allegations.

Disclaimer: Chris answered the Skype call under NO force or threat of force, and could of hung up or declined to speak to the persons involved at any given time:

As you saw, Chris chose to exercise his right to decline to answer questions he didn’t want to and he only left the call when it appeared his internet connection was disrupted.

Did Anna pull the plug?

We don’t know, maybe it was just an accident?

So we will just have to wait until the 15th of September, when you would think a plea will be entered, then we will know more of where this case is going.

7 Thoughts to “SexyChris: Post Court Interview”

  1. Mark's failures

    “Could have,” not “could of.”

    1. Lady Laura

      OMG I am with you, Mark’s failures, I HATE it when people who call themselves WRITERS use that ”of” instead of the auxiliary verb in conditional sentences!

  2. meme

    thanks for this coverage! So excited if Babs and Mark Gronan attend next hearing. To you guys look ahead check the law on journalism recordings. Prior authorization allows tripod recording for journalists. You certain would be eligible for that. Phone recordings is against the law tho.

  3. Babsrentboi

    i defended chris , now im not why the fuck would he entertain people who have been harrasing him for months .. and ask yourself if u believe he has been done for child porn images etc why would u wish to call him on skype .. unless ur getting some sort os sick twisted kick out of it ..

  4. Colonel Hans Landa

    I see you’re still sticking your big, unwanted nose into our peoples business, StevieO

    1. Babsrentboi

      im not jstevio im someone with better looks and more intellegences then all of you put toghter .. why isnt anyone hounding mnellie .. are you ok with him filming you kids in a local park ??

  5. Anon

    Some shithead is still banning on that crap-chat shoutbox. It’s either pedo monkey faggot or PedoPatrickv who is a mod.

    RIP Scuttles. (An asshole site)

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