Bailygrape: Problems With Sex Lines And Grapes

Just when i thought we had lost all humour on VL, along came Bailygrape.

Apparently, she used to cast on Vaughn before, but got banned for an accidental nipple slip, and it’s been bugging me all day as to who she is. She’s got a London/South England accent, middle aged judging by what she says about her cam whore days and is single.

But whoever she is, she literally had me in tears of laughter last night, as she talks about problems with working on sex chat lines, and the awkward situation of a missing grape 🙂

So come guys, who is she?

Answers on a postcard please and the winner will receive the missing grape once it’s recovered safely.

4 Thoughts to “Bailygrape: Problems With Sex Lines And Grapes”

  1. Menellies Caregiver

    That’s a Birmingham/Midlands accent, some people might call it the south 🙂

  2. liklik

    not a particularly likable cunt
    but i might dive for the missing grape

  3. Babs

    She sounds like a proper milf 🙂

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