SexyChris – Crown Court Day

21st July 2017, the day Christopher Murray While appeared before Preston Crown Court charged with making and possessing 22 indecent images of children.

But let’s start with the evening before, Thursday, 20th June.

You would think that when somebody is only hours away from appearing in the Crown Court for such serious charges, they would get an early night and be worrying about what the Judge decides will be his future.

Not Chris!

Oh no, far from it. This is him, less than 12 hours before what’s probably the most important date in his life so far.

You wouldn’t think it though.

As arrogant as ever. Not a single ounce of remorse, or worry. Just the typical “i will go to Court then come home” as if he’s appearing for dropping litter or something.

But at least he did turn up for Court, albeit looking more like he was off out for a pint.

The Following Image Courtesy Of Babs And Banepwns:

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But he wasn’t too pleased to see his bestest friend Babs sat there with BanePwns, as Chris comes back from the Gents lol.

Video Temporarily Removed

In fact, Chris was so pissed, he even got the Courts to throw Babs and Bane’s out.

Oops, somebody must be in a bad mood today 🙂

Anyway, after some delay, it turned out that no plea was entered after all that ( can only assume his Solicitor is asking for more time) and Chris has to appear back at Preston Crown Court on the 15th September 2017, which i assume will be when he will have to enter a plea, and get a date set for a trial, should he plead not guilty.

Info Thanks to Warlord2

So, depending on what Chris decides to plead in a couple of months time, it could well be 2018 before we finally learn the Onion King’s fate.

As you were then.

6 Thoughts to “SexyChris – Crown Court Day”

  1. This is an interesting difference between UK and US courtrooms. In the United States, courtrooms and the trials held therein are public as a matter of law. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, the courts are open to one and all, and as long as spectators observe proper decorum, they are welcome to sit in the courtroom and watch our system of justice at work.

    I find it both remarkable and sad that citizens of the crown can be ordered to leave a judicial venue simply because a defendant is upset that they are present.

    1. This is strange. I just wish i had been there, as the jumped up old cunt G4S security would of been owned.

      I don’t blame Babs doing what he did, as they can be intimidating when they start talking all their ‘legal’ tripe. But we have two Courts here in the UK. 1 is a Magistrates, which is NOT a criminal Court, but a Court of Commerce. These are run and based on Maritime Law, and are there basically to collect your money from you, ie, parking fines, shoplifting fines etc.

      Then we have the Crown Courts. These are REAL Courts, Justice Courts, and are run and based on Common Law. That’s why you swear on the Bible in a Crown Court and not a Magistrates. And being under Common Law Jurisdiction, they can only enforce Common Law, ie if you have caused harm, loss, distress etc.

      And being Common Law, bullshit Maritime Laws, like you can’t park here, you can’t smoke a cigarette here, or you can’t fart here don’t apply. Therefore anybody, and i mean anybody can sit in the public gallery there. Yes, you can be asked to leave if you disrupt the case once in there, but apart from that, they can’t decide a member of the public can’t watch a case unfold just because the defendant doesn’t like them. All Murder cases go to Crown Court, and the murder victims family and friends will sit in the public gallery and there is no Law to stop them. Can you imagine a killer saying he doesn’t want his victims family sitting in the public gallery because they hate him?

      Unless something happened that i don’t know about yet, it sounds like the security have been telling lies to the Courts to get Babs and Bane kicked out.

      I will be contacting the Court tomorrow to ask why 2 members of the public were asked to leave the Court, and under what Law they had the Jurisdiction to do so. Let’s see what bullshit they get back to me with 🙂

  2. Lady Laura

    What a stalker, lowlife… he stalked Chris in court?

    1. 666666

      I think he just like the rest of us or anyone with an ounce of decency wanted to make sure the little shit got what he deserved,

      Unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit longer.

      Lady Laura I hope you are not trying to do a Ruby and build up a defence for Christopher While.

      Just slightly off of the subject has anyone seen the totally stalking raving idiot AngelStormee.

      I expect she is still around just under a new name.

    2. WhyDoYouLovePedos?

      Chris is in court to answer for fucking having pictures of underage CHILDREN and your worried about someone “stalking” him? Talk about fucking lowlife. Go to hell pedo lover!

  3. The_Maze

    How is it stalking ? you do know that Mr Christopher Murray While Downloaded pornographic images of children, some of which were Class A, the most vile and disturbing images you can download, now if you want to try downplay this serious matter by calling someone a stalker for going to the court to see what happens, you really dont get the reasons why.

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