MeNellie: Isn’t That DJ Fit

I have been asked the question as to why i haven’t made a post about MeNellie’s ‘thing’ for young people.

Well, basically, because i haven’t seen the alleged ‘filming kids in the park’ cast, so i can’t post about what i haven’t seen.

But, there is something odd with Nellie.

Would i trust him?

About as far as i could throw him.

Do i think he’s a pervert?

Hmm, well, after the “i want two 13yr olds” video and other stuff i have recorded that is borderline pervy, then probably yes.

But before you watch this next clip, you have to remember that MeNellie is mid 40’s.

Just bear that in mind!

Look, i don’t know the exact ages of those kids, but they are young, there is no doubt.

Would a man in his mid 40’s really be saying “look how fit she is” or “she’s a hottie”?

Good looking, or pretty, yeah. But “fit” is a term usually used in a sexual way, rather than just noticing her good looks.

And 11 yr old Boys?

Let’s be clear here, i am not accusing MeNellie of anything, as i have no proof of any illegal goings on with the guy, but?

As for would i trust him?

Well those of you that may of seen the screencap of a Skype call involving MeNellie, Babs and Cory recently, where there is talk of gasmen etc, are probably wondering who leaked it.

I have no idea, and to be honest, so much stuff gets leaked these days, does anyone care?

Well it seems Nellie and Bigyinscotland do.

Like i say, i don’t know who leaked it, but in my opinion, this stinks of MeNellie all over.

For years he has been doing this shit. He comes in our chat only to release info or cause drama.

You need to remember, Menellie records everything. I guarantee he will have every single cast, every single Skype call, and every PM he has ever had with anyone stored on his hard drives.

Was it him?

I don’t know, but if i was a betting man, i would throw everything on it being him.

2 Thoughts to “MeNellie: Isn’t That DJ Fit”

  1. SamAllardyce

    I popped into this very cast the other day, briefly and i was scratching my head why the hell would nellie be Re-casting a youngster on his channel?, is it not against the Ivlog tos to have people under the age of 16 live on a cast?
    Or is that else where?

    Anyway, Karl, you are right, there is something not quite right with him, the stuff he say’s, and the stuff he does, is not really typical of a guy in his 40’s.
    And with the recent shit that has happened to him recently, with the trip down to see Amy, and with what has happened to Chris, i reckon Nellie just might be either, worried about something or just tad bit unstable!

    Its a bit of coincidence is it not?

  2. HedgeHog

    Chris gave the police MeNellie’s details. ” Knock Knock “>

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