Chris Had Another Computer Seized?

The following clips were all taken from a 10 hour cast a few days ago, where Chris and MeNellie felt it would be good to have a marathon drinking/casting session.

I’ve been through it all and edited as much of the good stuff i found, but it wasn’t until Trev (aka The Real Leah) said that Chris has just had his i3 seized by the Police that it all makes sense now.

Assuming this is true, and Trev has been around here for a while and is not one to lie, this is more than plausible.

In the full recording, Chris mentions several times that he’s looking to buy a new i7 pc from Ebay, as he’s having to use a laptop (his Mums?) and he can’t cast with it.

I just assumed he had broken his i3, with Chris being Chris. But thinking about it, it being taken by the Cops sounds more realistic when you think that Chris doesn’t really open up his computers anymore, and the upcoming Court case is for the serious charges of CP.

So why have the Police only now wanted to examine his new hard drives?

Somebody reported him again?

Surely, he’s not been caught downloading more disgusting filth while staying at his Mums?

I guess we will find out soon enough.

But let’s move on with the cast, and in part one, we have an offer for Babs from his bestest friend Chris, Nellie doxxes his surname, and we hear how Nellie was stabbed as a youngster

*Bear in mind Nellie loves the attention, so take everything he says with a pinch of salt.



Part two brings a more disturbing feel to the cast. MeNellie, rather strangely, say’s he finds people posting pictures of their own children on Facebook etc a taboo thing to do.


I think Cory was spot on with what he said there. When you see a lovely picture of your family/friends children enjoying a holiday or winning at their sports day, none of us would instantly think to ourselves ‘ oh, a Paedophile would find that image sexual’

Only a Paedophile would think that way surely?

Part three is long, but is one of those recordings you have to listen to carefully, and just think about what is being said, as it reveals quite a lot about MeNellie the person.

Nellie openly admits that Chris and he share ‘files’ , what files we can’t 100% say, but just listen to what he’s saying and you will pick up the resentment he has to people like ourselves, because, and i quote: ” i can’t say some of the sick shit i would like to” because people like us record him.

The bitter hatred he has towards Chris shines through a few times too. His “if i called Chris a complete spacker it would be inappropriate” is the biggest tell tale sign.

He never said it would be wrong or untrue, just inappropriate.

What he’s really saying, is that is how he feels about Chris, but is annoyed that he can’t say it outright.

His bitterness towards Amy because of her apparent rejection is just as worrying.

If i was Amy i would keep one eye firmly fixed on Nellie.

So we have a man who clearly despises Chris, admits to sharing files with Chris, admits he hates that he can’t talk about children in a sexual manner without being criticised, blocked Chris on all platforms not long ago, but is now appearing to want to keep Chris sweet with all this fake “i’m your best friend” bullshit.


Well, that’s up to you to decide 🙂

Amy, be careful, very careful, because Nellie will want to hurt you, trust me!








7 Thoughts to “Chris Had Another Computer Seized?”

  1. Dishonest Nellie.

    Did he just confess he is a peadophile? Unreal My theory is, Nellie is befriending chris in fear chris will speak the truth regarding nellie ” sharing ” files of CP back and forward of screen sharing them images to get there ” Jollies “…. Nellie took an overdoze as he was in fear of his front door being kicked in and Harddrive’s removed.

    What seriously troubles me is these group of people hang out with him after chris is due in court on the 15th of sept, Not accused but has been proven to downloading 22 CP images! What does it take for people in society to not realise chris is clearly a Peadophile.????

    Nellie is very angry regarding not getting a responsive reaction from amy not falling in love with him.

    I do not blame her, He turned up at her home with dildos and a bag full of various items including his laptop where he sat on her bed and made her feel unhappy by watching ” chatterbate ” trying to get her in the mood?

    Then is speaking ill off her behind her back!..He outstayed his welcome from 5 days to 3 weeks!..

    You all know Nellie has a daughter he is not allowed to see makes you wonder.

    1. WayneFromWestLondon

      nellie is like the snake in the grass that you never see. then… bam he bites you.

  2. cory

    Menllie is a peadophile.

  3. pie slice

    wee mcnellie a fucking freak of nature ,aka the glasgow ghoul showed up at my moms house with a box of dildos and chaterbate id tell his baldy bonce to sling his hook

  4. Rocky Robin

    Nellie stayed in Barrow for a long time, tried to get his way with Amy and failed as far as we know, then it was revealed Chris had been dome for downloading child porn yet they both still sat in his flat, and are both speaking to chris again, something not right with all this.

  5. MuffyGribbleDitcher

    I do not know about you but in life you are judged by the company you keep, By association, So can i conclude Amy, MeNellie, StPauli, Welshguy and John Nesbit are pedos? I heard Pedos work in circles, And what do we have right here.

  6. 666666

    Amy is as bad as Nellie & Chris. She plays the innocent little hard done by girl but she is a compulsive liar. I havent forgotten the time she put makeup on and told everyone she had been beaten up. Plenty of other times she has been caught out in lies.

    Dont be fooled by the poor little me act like most of you were with Chris and his pretend ailments just to get out of working for a living.

    Birds of a feather etc etc. They all love the drama it causes otherwise they would stop being online or casting and disappear.

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