SexyChris – The Alcoholic Racist Paedophile

Didn’t somebody recently claim that the recent treatment of Chris was the acts of “thugs”?

I guess people in a chat room calling a self confessed child porn down-loader a Paedophile is the act of Internet “thugs”

I mean, lets take a deeper look into this poor innocent mans life eh?

Lets start with his injunction that stops him having any contact with his ex schoolgirl girlfriend. A young girl that he harassed and both physically and emotionally bullied to the stage that her family had to take out a Court injunction just to live a peaceful life.

Or what about the conviction he has for physically attacking his Mother in an early morning fit of rage?

Or the time he had a Police visit for stealing his neighbours stereo speakers and Mail?

Then i suppose we shouldn’t forget about the time he was arrested for sending a Gas man to an old peoples home, claiming there was a gas leak, and having a pensioners gas supply cut off at 3am?

Such a genuinely, innocent, member of the Public is Christopher While.

Oh, did i forget the racist bit?

Silly me!

Video Courtesy Of Reddit:

I can see how Solicitors must be queuing up to press charges against us for posting such truths against this poor, victimised member of the public.













4 Thoughts to “SexyChris – The Alcoholic Racist Paedophile”

  1. Preston square

    What a nasty low life you really are Chris. and dont be saying i did not know i was being racist and blame this on your so called Mental Illness. Your a Racist, and lets not forget the fact you downloaded child porn, did it just for the council to move you,,,,,, yeah right.

  2. Long Tall Sally

    you forgot Arsonist…..remember the time he set stuff on fire outside in the backyard near house ….there are videos of it.

  3. 666666

    You will have the St Christopher fan club after you Preston Square for daring to say anything is his fault.

    I have always said there is no mental illness he is more savvy then people think. He knows exactly what he is doing and always has. He plays the system and people to perfection.

    Things get a bit tough out comes the “oh he has a mental illness, he has Bi-Polar, he has depression, he has cerebral palsy, he has anxiety the list is endless.

    I was always amazed he was still alive with all the conflicting ailments he had.

    He was and still is a con-artist but hopefully this time his luck has run out.

    He knew he was downloading porn despite the claims from some that he was duped into by others. He is computer literate, he can set up the computers for any web/casting site, he can set up a paypal account, he downloads videos/films for his casting, he even says he downloaded it but never watched the kiddie porn then my question is how the hell do you know what it was.

    Sits back and waits for his die hard sycophant fans to come to his defence.

  4. Anon

    Those pedophiles are now advertising on that crap-chat shoutbox to come to their scuttles blog. Fuck them. Some guy is banning people on that shoutbox and those pedophiles ban people in the shoutbox on their blog. Bunch of faggot pedophiles

    They need to die already.

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