Chris Has Court Hearing Adjourned Again!

Remarkably, the upcoming hearing for Chris’ CP charge was postponed for the 3rd time. This is definitely 100% true, regardless of what Ruby or Chris might try and tell you, because i called the Courts and asked them myself.

I was told that it been adjourned ” with the consent of both parties” and has been rescheduled for Monday 25th September 2017 at Preston Crown Court.

I didn’t get too much info as to why it was delayed again, as the person i talked to was just somebody who answers the phone basically.

But, as Mark Gronan attended Court this morning, and spoke to more people than i did, it seems this is the reason why:

**You can find the full length video HERE

So, should this be true, Christopher was so poorly, so unwell, he couldn’t attend Court.

Poor lad. Must be laid up in bed with vomiting and diarrhea, or sat there with a fever and intense migraine?

Because, he wouldn’t be lying now would he?

Because that would be contempt of Court, which carries a custodial sentence.

So, just what was Chris doing at 10.30am today?

Let’s take a look.

Doesn’t look very ill to me?

In fact, i’d say he looks very happy and well. Which leads us to having to send this video in to Cumbria Police, who emailed me back and confirmed they had received it and it had been forwarded on to the Detectives involved in this case.

Oh Chris, you silly, silly , silly boy!

If you did pull a sicky and wasted the Courts time, you have just landed yourself in deep shit!

What was that song he played again… the winner takes it all?











2 Thoughts to “Chris Has Court Hearing Adjourned Again!”

  1. Chief Wiggum

    If he has told the court he was to ill to attend, hes in deep shit for that as there was nothing wrong with him, just hope he did not get mama while to phone the courts and lie for him.

  2. 666666

    He never had any intention of going and he will try this again. I just hope the police have passed on the videos etc of Shitty casting until the early hours of the morning he was due to attend fit as a fiddle.

    One day his luck will run out and I hope it is on his next Court appearance. He is taking them for mugs and at the moment it is working.

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